View Amendment Current Amendment: 1 to Bill 3409 The Committee on Labor, Commerce and Industry proposes the following Amendment No. 1 to H. 3409 (COUNCIL\AGM\3409C001.AGM.AB13):

Reference is to the bill as introduced.

Amend the bill, as and if amended, by Section 40-59-25(A), as contained in SECTION 1, by deleting the subsection in its entirety and inserting:

/      (A)(1)      A person who enters into a written contract for goods or services related to a roofing system with a party who will be paid from proceeds of a property and casualty insurance policy and who subsequently receives written notice from the insurer that all or part of the claim or contract is not a covered loss under the policy may cancel the contract prior to midnight on the fifth business day after the insured has received the written notice of the denial of coverage.
           (2)      This section applies to the following persons performing goods or services related to a roofing system:
           (a)      a licensed residential builder;
           (b)      a registered residential specialty contractor; and
           (c)      a person or firm who engages or offers to engage in the business of residential building or residential specialty contracting without first having registered with the commission or procured a license from the commission.
           (3)      Cancellation must be evidenced by the insured giving written notice of cancellation to the builder or contractor at the address provided in the contract. Notice of cancellation, if given by mail, must be effective upon deposit into the United States mail, postage prepaid and properly addressed to the builder or contractor. Notice of cancellation need not take a particular form and shall be sufficient if it indicates, by any form of written expression, the intention of the insured not to be bound by the contract.
           (4)      For purposes of this subsection, 'roof system' means a roof covering, roof sheathing, roof weatherproofing, roof framing, roof ventilation system, or insulation. /

Renumber sections to conform.
Amend title to conform.