View Amendment Current Amendment: 58 to Bill 3710 Reps. LOFTIS and ERICKSON propose the following Amendment No. 58 to H.3710 as introduced by Ways & Means
(Doc Name h:\legwork\house\amend\h-wm\004\first steps.docx):

EXPLANATION: Directs First Steps to incorporate findings from the Legislative Audit Council Report

Amend the bill, as and if amended, Part IB, Section 1, DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION, page 343, after line 31, by adding an appropriately numbered paragraph to read:
/ (SDE: First Steps) The South Carolina First Steps to School Readiness Board of Trustees Shall Incorporate findings of the Legislative Audit Council within the scope of the First Steps next external evaluation. The report shall be submitted to the General Assembly no later than November 15, 2014. /

Renumber sections to conform.
Amend totals and titles to conform.