View Amendment Current Amendment: 3 to Bill 3711 Rep. LIMEHOUSE proposes the following Amendment No. 3 to H.3711 as introduced by Ways & Means
(Doc Name h:\legwork\house\amend\h-wm\001\crf tec 5.5m project criteria.docx):

EXPLANATION: Establish criteria for the St Bd for Tec and Comp Ed to use in prioritizing and funding requests for the 5.5M appropriated for System-wide Infrastructure and Workforce Development

Amend the joint resolution, as and if amended, after Section 1, page 3, line 19, by adding an appropriately numbered section to read:
/ SECTION . With the $5,500,000 appropriated in SECTION 1 to H59-State Board for Technical and Comprehensive Education for System-wide Infrastructure and Workforce Development, the board shall be responsible for prioritizing and funding projects to maximize workforce development. For the purpose of prioritizing funding requests, one of the following criteria must be met: (1) projects requested by the Department of Commerce for current industry recruitment, (2) projects to enhance science and math education by renovating existing science buildings, (3) projects designed to enhance traffic flow and student vehicular safety, and (4) projects that have a local county match funding. Central Carolina Technical College shall be excluded from the distribution of these funds.

Renumber items and sections to conform.
Amend totals and titles to conform.