View Amendment Current Amendment: 521R002.JS.docx to Bill 521     Senator SCOTT proposed the following amendment (521R002.JS):
    Amend the committee amendment, as and if amended, by striking subsection (B) and inserting:

/         (B) The superintendent must have either:
        (1) earned a graduate degree from an accredited college or university in education, public policy, or a related discipline, and must possess a combined ten years of experience in:
            (a) the field of education, including but not limited to, service as a classroom teacher, principal, other school administrator, school district administrator, or higher education administrator, school district superintendent, or any combination thereof; or
            (b) the formation of education policy, including but not limited to, service as a member of a school board or other entity that evaluates, develops, or approves educational policies; or
        (2) ten years of experience as a practicing attorney.
    Renumber sections to conform.
    Amend title to conform.