View Amendment Current Amendment: 4 to Bill 3822 Rep. PITTS proposes the following Amendment No. 4 to H. 3822 (COUNCIL\MS\3822C004.MS.AHB13):

Amend the bill, as and if amended, by deleting Section 23-31-215(P), as contained in SECTION 2, and inserting:

/      (P)      Upon renewal, a permit issued pursuant to this article is valid for four five years. Subject to subsection (Q) of this section, SLED shall renew a currently valid permit upon:
           (1)      payment of a fifty-dollar renewal fee by the applicant. This fee must be waived for disabled veterans and retired law enforcement officers;
           (2)      completion of the renewal application; and
           (3)      submission of a photocopy of the applicant's valid South Carolina driver's license or South Carolina identification card, or if the applicant is a qualified nonresident, a photocopy of the applicant's valid driver's license or identification card issued by the state in which the applicant resides picture identification or facsimile copy thereof. /

Amend the bill further, Section 23-31-215, as contained in SECTION 2, by adding an appropriately lettered subsection at the end to read:

/      ( )      A concealable weapon permit holder whose permit has been expired for no more than one year may not be charged with a violation of Section 16-23-20 but must be fined not more than one hundred dollars." /

Renumber sections to conform.
Amend title to conform.