View Amendment Current Amendment: DG tcasoil.DOCX to Bill 3710     Senators ALEXANDER and L. MARTIN propose the following amendment (DG TCASOIL):
    Amend the bill, as and if amended, Part IB, Section 34, DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH & ENVIRONMENTAL CONTROL, page 413, after line 12, by adding an appropriately numbered new proviso to read:
/ 34.___. (DHEC: Onsite Wastewater Disposal system) In the current fiscal year, an individual who has completed a minimum of six weeks training in a combination of classroom and field experience, as determined by the department, in soil morphology, soil classification, soil texture, and determining seasonal high water table, may submit an application for a non-engineered onsite wastewater disposal system pursuant to R-61-55 and 61-56.         /

    Renumber sections to conform.
    Amend sections, totals and title to conform.