South Carolina Code of Regulations
Chapter 119 University Of South Carolina

Article 1 General Regulations

119-1. Definitions.

119-2. To Whom Regulations Apply.

119-3. Traffic Signs.

119-4. Altering or Defacing of Traffic Signs.

119-5. Authority of President.

119-6. Liability for Protection of Motor Vehicles.

Article 2 University Motor Vehicle Registration

119-7. Motor Vehicle Registration.

119-8. Registration of Students' Vehicles.

119-9. Faculty and Staff Parking Permits.

119-10. Registration Fees.

Article 3 Parking Areas

119-11. Traffic and Parking Instructions.

119-12. Meter Charges.

119-13. Parking Garages and Fees.

Article 4 Violations, Penalties and Bonds

119-14. Responsibility for Violations.

119-15. Payment of Penalties and Bonds.

119-16. Traffic, Parking and the Registration of Motor Vehicles for the University of South Carolina.

119-17. Delinquent Violations--Increase in Bonds.

119-18. Increase in Bonds After Service of Warrant.

119-19. Depositing of Substitute for a Coin in a Meter.

Article 5 Speed Limits

119-20. Campus Speed Limit.

Article 6 Vehicle Towing and Impounding

119-21. When Vehicle May Be Towed or Impounded.

Article 7 Boards, Committees and Courts

119-22. Appointment of Boards, Committees and Courts.

Article 8 Summons

119-23. Who May Issue Summons or Citations.

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