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South Carolina Code of Regulations
Chapter 137 Department Of Labor, Licensing And Regulation-- South Carolina Real Estate Appraisers Board

137-100. Definitions.

137-100.01. Appraisal Experience Point System.

137-100.02. Qualifications.

137-100.03. Residential Appraisal Categories.

137-100.04. Residential Point Values.

137-100.05. Nonresidential Point Values.

137-100.06. Nonresidential Appraisal Categories.

137-100.07. Other Appraisal Experience.

137-200.01. Mass Appraisal Activity.

137-200.02. Residential Mass Appraisals.

137-200.03. Nonresidential Mass Appraisals.

137-200.04. Mass Appraisal Experience Verification.

137-300.01. Responsibilities Of An Appraiser Apprentice.

137-300.02. Responsibilities Of A Supervising Appraiser.

137-400.01. Temporary Practice.

137-500.01. Continuing Education.

137-600.01. Written Complaints.

137-600.02. Member Request For Investigation.

137-600.03. Ex Parte Communications.

137-600.04. Disciplinary Actions.

137-700.01. Hearings.

137-700.02. Role Of Board Members.

137-700.03. Failure To Appear.

137-800.01. Payment Of Fees.

137-800.02. Bad Checks.

137-800.03. Annual Fee Schedule.

137-800.04. Permit, License and Certification Renewals.

137-800.05. Expired Permit, License or Certificate.

137-800.06. Disclosure Of Appraiser Classification and Number.

137-900.01. Educational Providers -- Approval Required.

137-900.02. Exemption From Regulation.

137-900.03. Providers Of Courses.

137-900.04. Application For Provider Approval.

137-900.05. Curriculum and Attendance.

137-900.06. Provider, Instructor and Course Renewals.

137-900.07. Enrollment Agreement Policies and Procedures.

137-900.08. Other Operating Procedures.

137-900.09. Instructors.

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