South Carolina Code of Regulations
Chapter 18 South Carolina Commission For The Blind

Title 1 Business Enterprise Program

18-1. Purpose and Definitions.

18-2. Issuance of Licenses.

18-3. Termination of Licenses.

18-4. Training Program.

18-5. Selection, Transfer and Promotion of Blind Licensed Vendors.

18-7. Vendor Assistants.

18-8. Operating Agreement Between the Agency and Blind Licensed Vendor.

18-9. Blind Licensed Vendor Record Keeping and Reporting Procedures.

18-10. Vacation, Sickness and Maternity Leave.

18-11. Supervision of Vending Facilities.

18-12. Explanation to A Blind Licensed Vendor Of His Rights And Responsibilities.

18-13. Administrative Reviews, Evidentiary Hearings and Arbitration of Blind Licensed Vendor Complaints.

18-14. Vending Facility Equipment and Initial Stock.

18-15. Maintenance and Replacement of Equipment.

18-16. Distribution and Use of Income from Vending Machines on Federal Property.

18-17. Election, Organization and Function of the Business Enterprise Program Vendors Committee.

18-18. Access to Program and Financial Information.

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