South Carolina Code of Regulations
Chapter 19 State Budget And Control Board

Article 1 Office of Executive Director

19-101. Travel Regulations for State Employees; Policy.

19-101.01. Travel and Transportation at State Expense.

19-101.02. Economical Considerations.

19-101.03. Air Travel.

19-101.04. Definitions.

19-101.05. Automobile Travel.

19-101.06. Mileage Between Employee's Home and Place of Employment.

19-101.07. Travel and Subsistence Limitations.

19-101.08. Election to Travel by Automobile Rather Than Aircraft.

19-101.09. Parking Fees; Fines for Motor Vehicle Violation.

19-101.10. Mileage for Use of Privately Owned Vehicle.

19-101.11. Schedule of Maximum Meal Reimbursement.

19-101.12. Meal Reimbursements.

19-101.13. Receipts for Expenditures.

19-101.14. Attendance at Statewide, Regional or District Meetings.

19-101.16. Overnight Accommodations.

19-101.17. Foreign Travel.

19-101.18. Handicapped Employees.

19-101.19. Advances for Travel Expenses.

19-102. Approval Procedure for Industrial Revenue Bond, Pollution Control Bond and Hospital Revenue Bond Proposals.

19-102.01. Securing Approval of Proposal.

19-102.02. Notice; Submission of Documents.

19-102.03. Review by Office of Attorney General; Review of Financial Condition of Entity Proposing Bonds.

19-102.04. Notice of Approval.

19-102.05. Publication of Public Notice of Approval.

19-103. Regulations on Allocation of State Ceiling on Issuance of Private Activity Bonds.

19-103.01. Calculation and Certification of State Ceiling.

19-103.02. Allocation of Bond Limit Amounts.

19-103.03. Private Activity Bond Limits.

19-103.04. Authorized Requests for an Allocation.

19-103.05. Limitation on Board Allocations in Response to Authorized Requests.

19-103.06. Filing of Certificate.

19-103.07. Lapse of Filing.

19-103.08. Time Limits of Allocations.

19-103.09. Termination of This Regulation.

19-103.10. Future Changes and Evaluation of Regulations.

19-104. Approval Procedure for City, County and Regional Housing Authority Bond Issues for Multifamily Housing Projects.

19-104.01. Securing Approval; Documents Required.

19-104.02. Review by Office of the Attorney General, by Office of State Auditor and by Office of Executive Director.

19-104.03. Notice; Submission of Documents; Consideration By Board.

19-104.04. Review and Report by Local Authorities.

Article 2 Information Resource Management

Subarticle 1 Standards for Implementation, Operation, and Funding of 9-1-1 Local Emergency Telephone Services Systems

19-200. Definitions.

19-201. Application to be Made.

19-202. Preliminary Review and Approval.

19-203. Information Requirements for Final Application.

19-204. Commercial Mobile Radio System Surcharge.

Subarticle 2 South Carolina 211 Network Provider Certification Requirements

19-210. Purposes.

19-211. Definitions.

19-212. Board Certification Process and Requirements.

19-213. Dispute Resolution.

19-214. Revocation of 211 Number.

Article 4 Office of General Services

19-400. South Carolina Barrier Free Building Design Standard.

19-400.1. Authority.

19-400.2. Application.

19-400.3. Administration.

19-410. Surplus property.

19-410.1. State Plan for Surplus Property.

19-410.2. Designation of State Agency.

19-410.3. Inventory and Accounting Systems.

19-410.4. Return of Donated Property.

19-410.5. Financing and Service Charges.

19-410.6. Terms and Conditions on Donable Property.

19-410.7. Non-utilized Donable Property.

19-410.8. Fair and Equitable Distribution.

19-410.9. Eligibility.

19-410.10. Compliance and Utilization.

19-410.11. Consultation with Advisory Bodies, Public and Private Groups.

19-410.12. Audit.

19-410.13. Cooperative Agreements.

19-410.14. Liquidation.

19-410.15. Forms.

19-410.16. Records.

19-415. Insurance Reserve Funds.

19-415.1. Authority for Tort Liability Insurance--Information Service.

19-415.2. Nature, Terms and Scope of Insurance Policies.

19-415.3. General Liability Policy.

19-415.4. Medical Employee Professional Liability Insurance.

19-415.5. Automobile Liability Certificates of Insurance.

19-415.6. Insurance Reserve Fund.

19-445. Consolidated Procurement Code.

19-445.2000. State Procurement Regulations.

19-445.2005. Internal Procurement Procedures; Procurement Records.

19-445.2010. Disclosure of Procurement Information.

19-445.2015. Ratification.

19-445.2020. Certification.

19-445.2020. Temporary Suspension of Authority; Audit.

19-445.2025. Authority to Contract for Certain Services; Definitions.

19-445.2030. Competitive Sealed Bidding--The Invitation for Bids.

19-445.2040. The Official State Government Publication.

19-445.2042. Pre-Bid Conferences.

19-445.2045. Receipt and Safeguarding of Bids.

19-445.2050. Bid Opening.

19-445.2055. Bid Acceptance and Bid Evaluation.

19-445.2060. Telegraphic Bids.

19-445.2065. Rejection of Bids.

19-445.2070. Rejection of Individual Bids.

19-445.2075. All or None Qualifications.

19-445.2077. Bid Samples and Descriptive Literature.

19-445.2080. Clarification with Bidders.

19-445.2085. Correction or Withdrawal of Bids; Cancellation of Awards.

19-445.2090. Award.

19-445.2095. Competitive Sealed Proposals.

19-445.2097. Rejection of Proposals.

19-445.2100. Small Purchases and Other Simplified Purchasing Procedures.

19-445.2105. Sole Source Procurements.

19-445.2110. Emergency Procurements.

19-445.2115. Information Technology Procurements.

19-445.2120. Cost or Pricing Data.

19-445.2125. Responsibility of Bidders and Offerors.

19-445.2130. Prequalification of Supplies and Suppliers.

19-445.2132. Prequalification for a Single Solicitation.

19-445.2135. Conditions for Use of Multi-term Contracts.

19-445.2137. Food Service Contracts.

19-445.2140. Specifications.

19-445.2145. Construction, Architect-Engineer, Construction Management, and Land Surveying Services.

19-445.2150. Surplus Property Management.

19-445.2152. Leases, Lease/Payment, Installment Purchase, and Rental of Personal Property.

19-445.2155. Intergovernmental Relations.

19-445.2160. Assistance to Minority Businesses.

19-445.2165. Gifts.

19-445.2180. Assignment, Novation, and Change of Name.

19-445.2200. Administrative Review Protective Orders.

19-445.3000. School District Procurement Codes; Model.

19-446. Representation in Proceedings.

19-447.1000. Leasing of Real Property.

19-450. Permits for Construction in Navigable Waters.

19-450.1. Scope of Duties.

19-450.2. Definitions.

19-450.3. Exemptions.

19-450.4. Permit Conditions.

19-450.5. Application Procedure to Obtain Permit.

19-450.6. Review of Permit Application and Comment by State Agencies.

19-450.7. Procedure if Agency Objects to Activity Requiring State Permit.

19-450.8. Comments by Public on Permit Application.

19-450.9. Review of Comments and Action by the Department.

19-450.10. Appeal of the Notice of Proposed Decision.

19-450.11. Final Decision of the Board and Judicial Review.

19-450.12. Unpermitted Activity; Review of Previously Permitted Activity.

19-450.13. Amendments to Permits or Applications for Permits.

19-450.14. Minor Projects.

19-450.15. General or Block Permits.

19-450.16. Saving Clause.

19-470. South Carolina Building Codes Council Regulations.

19-470.1. Purpose.

19-470.2. Definitions

19-470.3. Powers Duties, and Responsibilities of Council.

19-470.4. Duties and Responsibilities of Division.

19-470.5. Council Officers.

19-470.6. Council Meetings.

19-470.7. Building Codes Amendment Procedure.

19-470.8. Qualifications for Building Codes Amendments.

19-470.9. Energy Standards Variation Procedure.

19-470.10. Energy Standards Appeal Procedure.

19-470.11. Administration of Modular Act.

19-470.12. Building Codes Adopted.

19-470.13. Injunctive Relief.

19-470.14. Penalties.

Article 5 Local Government

19-501. Eligibility Requirements for Rural Improvement Funds.

19-502. Method of Application.

19-503. Monitoring Process.

Article 7 Division of Human Resource Management

Subarticle 1 Office of Human Resources, State Human Resources Regulations

19-700. Definitions.

19-701. General Rules.

19-701.01. Equal Employment Opportunity.

19-701.02. Construction of Words.

19-701.03. State and Federal Laws.

19-701.04. Audits by the Office of Human Resources (OHR).

19-701.05. Central Human Resources Data System.

19-701.06. Ethics Act.

19-701.07. Employment Outside of State Government.

19-701.08. Solicitation and Distribution.

19-701.09. Pilot Programs to Create Innovation in State Government.

19-701.10. FTE Positions.

19-702. Classification Plan.

19-702.01. Statements of Policy.

19-702.02. Administration of the Plan.

19-702.03. Class Specifications.

19-702.04. Position Descriptions.

19-702.05. Reclassification of Positions.

19-702.06. Position Numbering System.

19-703. Job Vacancy Announcements.

19-703.01. Statements of Policy.

19-703.02. Report of Job Vacancies.

19-703.03. Internal Posting and Distribution of Announcements.

19-703.04. Exemptions to Posting Job Announcements.

19-703.05. Freedom of Information Act Requests.

19-704. Movement and Status.

19-704.01. Statements of Policy.

19-704.02. Initial Employment or Reemployment.

19-704.03. Promotion.

19-704.04. Demotion.

19-704.05. Reassignment and Transfer.

19-704.06. Reclassification.

19-704.07. Unclassified State Title Changes.

19-704.08. Movement Between Classified Service and Unclassified Service.

19-705. Classified Employee Pay Plan.

19-705.01. Statements of Policy.

19-705.02. Administration of the Pay Plan.

19-705.03. Hiring Salaries.

19-705.04. Salary Increases.

19-705.05. Salary Decreases.

19-705.06. Special Salary Adjustments.

19-705.07. Compensation Not Included in Base Salary.

19-705.08. Effective Dates of Salary Changes.

19-706. Establishment of Unclassified Positions and the Unclassified Employee Pay Plan.

19-706.01. Categories of Unclassified Positions.

19-706.02. Statements of Policy.

19-706.03. Administration of the Pay Plan.

19-706.04. Hiring Salaries, Salary Increases, and Salary Decreases for Employees in Unclassified Positions.

19-706.05. Compensation Not Included in Base Salary.

19-706.06. Effective Dates of Salary Changes.

19-707. Hours of Work and Overtime.

19-707.01. Hours of Work.

19-707.02. Overtime--Compensatory Time.

19-708. Holidays.

19-708.01. Eligibility.

19-708.02. Legal Holidays.

19-708.03. Holiday Observance Procedure.

19-708.04. Holiday Compensatory Time.

19-709. Annual Leave.

19-709.01. Eligibility.

19-709.02. Annual Leave Earnings.

19-709.03. Using and Scheduling Annual Leave.

19-709.04. Transfer from One State Agency to Another.

19-709.05. Payment Upon Separation from Employment.

19-709.06. Records.

19-710. Sick Leave.

19-710.01. Eligibility.

19-710.02. Sick Leave Earnings.

19-710.03. Additional Sick Leave May Be Granted.

19-710.04. Using and Scheduling Sick Leave.

19-710.05. Transfer.

19-710.06. Separation from Employment.

19-710.07. Records.

19-711. Leave Transfer Program.

19-711.01. Agency Responsibility.

19-711.02. Annual Reporting.

19-711.03. Eligibility to Donate.

19-711.04. Request for Leave.

19-711.05. Leave Approval.

19-711.06. No Administrative or Judicial Appeal.

19-711.07. Use of Sick or Annual Leave.

19-711.08. When Personal Emergency Terminates.

19-711.09. Separation from Employment.

19-712. Other Leave Programs.

19-712.01. Other Leave Types.

19-712.02. Other Leave Records.

19-713. Dual Employment.

19-713.01. Statements of Policy.

19-714. Government Employees Interchange Program.

19-714.01. Statements of Policy.

19-715. Employee Performance Evaluation Systems.

19-715.01. Statements of Policy.

19-715.02. Establishing and Maintaining Performance Review Dates.

19-715.03. Establishing and Maintaining Performance Review Dates for Employees in the in the Executive Compensation System.

19-715.04. Establishing and Maintaining Performance Review Dates for Agency Heads.

19-716. Staff Development and Training.

19-716.01. Statements of Policy.

19-716.02. Educational Leave.

19-716.03. Required Courses.

19-716.04. Tuition Assistance.

19-717. Disciplinary Actions.

19-717.01. Statements of Policy.

19-718. State Employee Grievances and Appeals.

19-718.01. Statements of Policy.

19-718.02. Internal Agency Grievance Procedures.

19-718.03. Covered Employees and their Representatives.

19-718.04. Grievances.

19-718.05. Appeals to the State Human Resources Director.

19-718.06. Mediation Prior to State Employee Grievance Committee-Hearings.

19-718.07. Appeals Forwarded to the State Employee Grievance Committee.

19-718.08. Appeals Forwarded to a Mediator-Arbitrator.

19-718.09. Appellate Review of any Final Decision.

19-718.10. Computation of Back Pay.

19-718.11. Approval of Personnel Settlements.

19-719. Separation from State Service.

19-719.01. Continuous Service and Break in Service.

19-719.02. Resignation.

19-719.03. Termination.

19-719.04. Reduction in Force.

19-719.05. Exit Interviews.

19-719.06. Annual and Sick Leave Upon Separation.

19-720. Recordkeeping.

19-720.01. Statement of Policy.

19-720.02. Employee Records.

19-720.03. Records Release.

19-720.04. Central Human Resources Data System.

Subarticle 2. Single Cooperative Interagency Merit System (Merit System Rule)

19-750. Single Cooperative Interagency Merit System.

Subarticle 3 State Employee Grievance Committee Rules

19-775. State Employee Grievance Committee Regulations.

19-775.01. Persons Entitled to Bring Proceedings.

19-775.02. Nature of Grievances.

19-775.03. Appeals.

19-775.04. Preliminary Attempt to Resolve Grievance.

19-775.05. Notice of Hearings.

19-775.06. Records and Papers; Administrative and Clerical Assistance.

19-775.07. Witnesses and Representatives.

19-775.08. Time Limitations for Requested Materials.

19-775.09. Copies of Records.

19-775.10. Subpoenas; Expenses of Witnesses.

19-775.11. Place of Hearings.

19-775.12. Forms to be Used.

19-775.13. Members of Committee.

19-775.14. Attendance at Hearings.

19-775.15. Recording of Proceedings.

19-775.16. Representation by Advisor or Counsel.

19-775.17. Conduct of Proceedings.

19-775.18. Order of Appearance.

19-775.19. Oath or Affirmation of Witnesses.

19-775.20. Presence of Witnesses in Hearing Room.

19-775.21. Cross-examination of Witnesses.

19-775.22. Depositions.

19-775.23. Recordation of Votes by Committee Members.

19-775.24. Decision of Committee.

19-775.25. Assistance by Committee Attorney.

19-775.26. Committee Decision on Appeal.

19-775.27. Transmittal of Decision; Finality.

19-775.28. Delivery of Notices.

19-775.29. Confidentiality of Records.

19-775.30. Disqualification of Committee Members.

19-775.31. Election of Chairman and Secretary of Committee.

19-775.32. Presiding Officer.

19-775.33. Date and Time of Hearing; Postponement.

19-775.34. Promulgation of Regulations.

Article 8 Data Reporting Requirements Pertaining to South Carolina Hospitals

19-800. Definitions.

19-801. Financial and Utilization Data (Annual).

19-810. Medical Record Extract Information.

19-820. Penalties for Failure to Meet Requirements.

Article 9 Retirement Division

Subarticle 1 South Carolina Retirement System

19-900. Definitions.

19-901. Membership in the System.

19-903. Records of Members Confidential.

19-905. Creditable Service.

19-908. Administrative Service Fee.

19-910. Termination Pay.

19-912. Change of Option.

19-915. Cost of Living Increases.

19-917. No Designated Beneficiary.

19-918. Pro rata Benefits Paid at Death.

19-925. Interest Rate.

19-926. Liquidation of Unfunded Accrued Liability Limited to 35 Years.

19-927. Unisex Option Factors Adopted.

19-929. Group Life Insurance Plan.

Subarticle 2 Police Officers' Retirement System

19-933. Records of Members Confidential.

19-935. Creditable Service.

19-938. Administrative Service Fee.

19-940. Termination Pay.

19-942. Change of Option.

19-947. No Designated Beneficiary.

19-948. Pro rata Benefits Paid at Death.

19-955. Interest Rate.

19-956. Liquidation of Unfunded Accrued Liability Limited to 35 Years.

19-957. Unisex Option Factors Adopted.

19-959. Group Life Insurance Plan.

Subarticle 3 Retirement System for Members of General Assembly

19-961. Membership in the System.

19-963. Records of Members Confidential.

19-965. Creditable Service.

19-966. Administrative Service Fee.

19-967. Change of Option.

19-969. No Designated Beneficiary.

19-970. Pro rata Benefits Paid at Death.

19-971. Interest Rate.

19-972. Liquidation of Unfunded Accrued Liability Limited to 35 Years.

19-973. Unisex Option Factors Adopted.

19-979. Group Life Insurance Plan.

Subarticle 4 Retirement System for Judges and Solicitors

19-983. Records of Members Confidential.

19-984. Transfer of Service Credit.

19-986. Administrative Service Fee.

19-987. Change of Option.

19-990. No Designated Beneficiary.

19-991. Pro rata Benefits Paid at Death.

19-995. Interest Rate.

19-996. Liquidation of Unfunded Accrued Liability Limited to 35 Years.

19-997. Unisex Option Factors Adopted.

Article 10 Data Reporting Requirements Pertaining to Submission of Ambulatry Encounter Data

19-1001. Definitions.

19-1010. Health Care Providers Required to Report Ambulatory Encounter Level Data to the Office of Research and Statistics.

19-1020. Medical Record Extract Information.

19-1030. Criteria for Data Submission Timeliness and Items Completeness and Accuracy.

19-1040. Penalties for Failure to Meet Timeliness, Completion and Accuracy Requirements.

19-1050. Criteria for the Release of Ambulatory Encounter Level Data.

19-1060. Confidentiality of Patient and Health Care Provider Identities.

Article 11 Data Release for Medical Encounter Data & Financial Reports

19-1101. Definitions.

19-1110. Data Oversight Council Authority.

19-1120. Classification of Data Elements.

19-1130. Data Release Protocol.

Article 12 The South Carolina Tuition Prepayment Program Regulations

19-1200. Definitions.

19-1205. Program Organization.

19-1210. Eligible Institutions of Higher Learning.

19-1215. Duties of the Board.

19-1220. Duties of the Director.

19-1225. The Fund.

19-1230. Tuition Prepayment Contract Application and Payment.

19-1235. Application Process.

19-1240. Payment Schedule.

19-1242. Payment Options.

19-1245. Remittance of Payments.

19-1250. Default.

19-1255. Tuition Prepayment Contract Benefits.

19-1260. Contract Exclusions.

19-1265. Contract Contributors.

19-1270. Beneficiary Eligibility.

19-1272. Beneficiary Substitution.

19-1275. Contract Termination.

19-1278. Contract Cancellation.

19-1280. Transfer Provisions.

19-1285. Limitations.

19-1290. Administrative Fees.

19-1295. Refunds.

19-1298. Unclaimed Refunds.

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