South Carolina Code of Regulations
Chapter 27 Clemson University

Article 1 Bee Regulations

27-1. Definitions.

27-2. Quarantine Imposed on Areas Where Disease Exists.

27-3. Prohibition Against Exposure of Bees and Fixtures to Infected Areas.

27-4. Restrictions on Transactions Involving Queen Bees and Attendants.

27-5. Restrictions on Shipments of Honey from Apiary Infected with American Foulbrood.

27-6. Centers of Infected and Dangerous Zones.

27-7. Application for Inspection for Permit to Transport.

27-8. Issuance of Permit to Locate Bees and Fixtures.

Article 2 White Pine Blister Rust--Control

27-10. Five-leafed Pines.

27-11. Currant and Gooseberry Plants.

27-12. Destroying Pines.

27-13. Movement of White Pines.

27-14. Pines or Currant or Gooseberry Plants Subject to Seizure.

27-15. Penalties.

Article 3 Tomato Plants--Shipment Control

27-20. [Inspection and Approval of Tomato Transplants.]

27-21. [Inspection Certificate for Imported Tomato Plants.]

27-22. [Spraying or Dusting with Approved Fungicide.]

27-23. [Confiscation.]

27-24. [Violations.]

Article 4 Tobacco Plants--Shipment Control

27-30. Tobacco Plant Certification.

Article 5 Witchweed Quarantine

27-40. Definitions.

27-41. Regulated Articles.

27-42. Conditions Governing the Movement of Regulated Articles.

27-43. Disposition of Certificates and Permits.

27-44. Movement for Scientific Purposes.

27-45. Compliance Agreement.

27-46. Inspection and Disposal.

27-47. Waiver of Liability.

27-48. Penalties.

27-49. Exemptions to Regulated Articles.

27-50. Regulated Areas.

Article 5A Tropical Soda Apple Quarantine

27-55. Tropical Soda Apple Quarantine.

Article 6 Sweetpotato Weevil Quarantine

27-60. Definitions.

27-61. Regulated Articles.

27-62. Conditions Governing the Movement of Regulated Articles.

27-63. Disposition of Certificates and Permits.

27-64. Movement for Scientific Purposes.

27-65. Compliance Agreement.

27-66. Inspection and Disposal.

27-67. Removal of Areas from Regulation.

27-68. Waiver of Liability.

27-69. Penalties.

27-70. Regulated Areas.

Article 6B Plum Pox Virus Quarantine

27-75. Plum Pox Virus Quarantine.

Article 6D Light Brown Apple Moth Quarantine

27-77. Light Brown Apple Moth Quarantine.

Article 6E Phytophthora Ramorum Quarantine

27-78. Phytophthora Ramorum Quarantine.

Article 6F Citrus Greening (Candidatus Liberibacter Asisticus) Quarantine

27-79. Citrus Greening (Candidatus Liberibacter Asisticus) Quarantine.

Article 7 Phony Peach Quarantine

27-80. [Quarantine Established.]

27-81. Definitions.

27-82. Regulated Articles.

27-83. Conditions Governing the Movement of the Regulated Articles. [FN1]

27-84. Disposition of Certificates.

27-85. Movement for Scientific Purposes.

27-86. Compliance Agreement.

27-87. Inspection and Disposal.

27-88. Removal of Areas from Regulation.

27-89. Waiver of Liability.

27-90. Penalties.

27-91. Regulated Areas.

Article 8 Japanese Beetle Quarantine

27-100. Definitions.

27-101. Regulated Articles.

27-102. Conditions Governing the Movement of Regulated Articles.

27-103. Disposition of Certificates and Permits.

27-104. Movement for Scientific Purposes.

27-105. Compliance Agreement.

27-106. Inspection and Disposal.

27-107. Waiver of Liability.

27-108. Penalties.

27-109. Regulated Areas.

27-110. Other Regulated Areas.

Article 9 Imported Fire Ant Quarantine

27-120. Definitions.

27-121. Regulated Articles.

27-122. Exemptions to Regulated Articles.

27-123. Conditions Governing the Movement of Regulated Articles.

27-124. Movement of Regulated Articles.

27-125. Disposition of Certificates and Permits.

27-126. Movement for Scientific Purposes.

27-127. Compliance Agreement.

27-128. Inspection and Disposal.

27-129. Waiver of Liability.

27-130. Penalties.

27-131. Regulated Areas.

Article 10 Seed Irish Potatoes

27-135. Designation of Plant Pests

27-137. Designation of Asian Citrus psyllid as plant pest and quarantine.

27-140. [Regulations Promulgated.]

27-141. Pests.

27-142. Regulated Areas.

27-143. Restricted Material.

27-144. Conditions Governing the Issuance and Use of Certificates for the Movement of Restricted Material.

27-145. Inspections and Tolerances Governing Certification.

27-146. Non-certified Seed Irish Potatoes.

27-147. Penalties.

Article 11 Sweet Potatoes

27-150. [Regulations Promulgated.]

Article 12 Plant Nursery Regulations

27-160. Plant Nursery Regulations.

Article 13 Fertilizer Board of Control

27-174. Filler.

27-175. Plant Nutrients, Guarantees, Tolerances and Penalties.

27-176. Bulk Commercial Fertilizers.

27-177. Liquid Commercial Fertilizers, Sampling and Labeling.

27-178. Maximum Chlorine in Fertilizers Branded for Tobacco.

27-180. Minimum Screening and Calcium Carbonate Equivalent Standards.

27-181. Investigational Allowances or Tolerances and Penalties.

27-182. Requirements for Distribution, Labeling and Sale of "Soil Amendments".

27-183. Registration Revoked When Plant Nutrient Deficiencies are Excessive.

27-184. Sampling.

27-185. Analysis.

Article 14 Seed Certification Standards

27-190. General Certification Standards.

27-195. Vegetatively Propagated Forage Grass Certification Standards.

27-196. Vegetatively Propagated Turf-Grass Certification Standards.

27-198. Okra Certification Standards.

27-1000. Peanut Seed Certification Standards.

27-1001. Sweet Potato Certification Standards.

27-1002. Small Grain Certification Standards (Wheat, Oats, Barley, Rye and Triticale).

27-1003. Soybean Certification Standards.

27-1004. Tobacco Seed (Including Hybrids) Certification Standards.

Article 15 Admission of Livestock into South Carolina

27-1010. General.

27-1011. Diseases and Health Documentation. (See generally Section 47-4-60).

27-1012. Animal/Poultry Quarantines (Other Than Garbage Feeding Quarantine) (See generally Section 47-4-70)

27-1013. Importation of Livestock.

27-1014. Importation of Poultry

27-1015. Public Livestock Markets

27-1016. Equine Facilities

27-1017. Covering the Admission of Poultry.

27-1018. Covering the Shipment of Dogs Into the State.

27-1019. Wild Animals.

27-1020. Intrastate Movement of Certain Animals.

27-1021. Modified Live Virus Hog Cholera Vaccine.

27-1022. State Poultry Products Inspection Regulation.

27-1023. State Meat Inspection Regulation.

27-1024. Venezuelan Equine Encephalomyelitis--Embargo Notice.

27-1025. Cervidae Entering South Carolina.

27-1026. Quarantine of Garbage Fed Swine.

27-1027. Importation of Ratites (Ostrich, Emu, Rhea and Other Flightless Birds in the Family Ratitae)

27-1028. Animal Proteins Prohibited in Ruminant Feeds.

27-1029. Preapproval Requirements for Officials Meat & Poultry Establishments.

Article 16 Livestock Markets

Subarticle I Livestock Auction Markets

27-1030. Definition of Terms to be Used in All Subarticles of These Rules and Regulations.

27-1031. Permits.

27-1032. Facilities for Handling Livestock and for Cleaning and Disinfecting of Livestock Auction Markets.

27-1033. Records.

27-1034. Livestock Auction Market Veterinarian.

27-1035. Specific Regulations Covering the Handling, Treating, Testing and Examination of Cattle.

27-1036. Specific Rules and Regulations Regarding the Sale of Swine.

27-1037. Guarantee of Health Status.

27-1038. Penalties

Subarticle II Daily Sales Barn

27-1040. Definition of Terms to be Used in Subarticle II.

27-1041. Permits.

27-1042. Facilities for Handling Livestock and for Cleaning and Disinfecting the Daily Sales Barn.

27-1043. Records.

27-1044. Daily Sales Barn Veterinarian.

27-1045. Specific Regulations Covering the Handling, Treating, Testing and Examination of Cattle.

27-1046. Specific Rules and Regulations Regarding the Sale of Swine.

27-1047. Quarantine.

27-1048. Penalties.

Subarticle III Daily Buying Station

27-1050. Definition of Terms to be Used in Subarticle III.

27-1051. Permits.

27-1052. Facilities for Handling Livestock and for Cleaning and Disinfecting the Daily Buying Station.

27-1053. Records.

27-1054. Quarantine.

27-1055. Penalties.

Article 17 South Carolina Pesticide Control

27-1070. Definitions.

27-1071. Registration of Pesticides.

27-1072. Special Permits.

27-1073. Coloration and Discoloration.

27-1074. Pesticide Samples.

27-1075. Restricted Use Pesticide Classifications.

27-1076. Licensing of Pesticide Dealers and Dealer Records Maintenance.

27-1077. Certification and Licensing of Private Applicators.

27-1078. Certification and Licensing of Commercial Applicators.

27-1079. Certification and Licensing of Noncommercial Applicators.

27-1080. Exemptions from the Requirement of a License and of Certification.

27-1081. Safe Handling, Storage, Display and Distribution of Pesticides.

27-1082. Disposal of Pesticides and Pesticide Containers.

27-1083. Pesticide Application Assurance, Vehicle Identification and Applicator Records Maintenance, and Direct Supervision.

27-1084. Denial, Suspension or Revocation of a License or Certification; Assessment of Criminal Penalties.

27-1085. Standards for Prevention or Control of Wood-destroying Organisms.

27-1090. Definitions [applicable to Backflow Prevention Act, Chemigation Act].

27-1091. Enforcement [of Backflow Prevention Act, Chemigation Act].

27-1092. Specifications and Records [pertaining to Backflow Prevention Act, Chemigation].

Article 18 Boll Weevil Quarantine

27-1095. Delegation of Authority.

27-1096. Reporting and Location of Cotton Acreage.

27-1097. Participation in Program, Payment of Fees, Collections, Penalties.

27-1098. Definitions.

27-1099. Regulated Articles.

27-2000. Conditions Governing the Movement of Regulated Articles.

27-2001. Movement of Regulated Articles with Specified Areas.

27-2002. Disposition of Certificates and Permits.

27-2003. Movement for Scientific Purposes.

27-2004. Compliance Agreement.

27-2005. Inspection and Disposal.

27-2006. Regulated Areas.

27-2007. Experimental Areas.

27-2008. Purchase of Cotton for Effectuation of Program Objectives.

27-2009. Boll Weevil Treatments.

27-2010. Solicitation for Bid Process.

Article 19 Parking and Traffic Regulations

27-3000. General.

27-3000.1. General Information.

27-3000.2. Applicability.

27-3000.3. Definitions.

27-3000.4. Official Traffic Control Devices.

27-3000.5. Liability for Protection of Motor Vehicles.

27-3001. Parking Permits.

27-3001.1. Parking Services Department.

27-3001.2. Motor Vehicles Required to Display a Parking Permit.

27-3001.3. Accessible Parking for Persons With Disabilities.

27-3001.4. Disabled Motor Vehicle Parking.

27-3001.5. Parking Permit Fees.

27-3001.6. Removal of Decals/Permits.

27-3001.7. Loading Zones.

27-3002. Parking Areas.

27-3002.1. General.

27-3002.2. Special Event Parking Areas.

27-3002.3. Employee/Student Parking Areas.

27-3002.4. Visitor Parking Areas.

27-3002.5. Service Vehicle Parking Areas.

27-3002.6. Accessible Parking for Individuals with Disabilities.

27-3002.7. Timed Parking Areas.

27-3002.8. Motorcycle Parking Areas.

27-3003. Operation of Motor Vehicles.

27-3003.1. Moving Motor Vehicles.

27-3003.2. Motor Vehicle Accidents.

27-3003.3. Closed Streets or Areas.

27-3003.4. Speed Limits.

27-3003.5. Pedestrians.

27-3004. Violations and Penalties.

27-3004.1. Responsibility for Violations.

27-3004.2. Notice of Violations.

27-3004.3. Schedule of Penalties.

27-3004.4. Payment of Penalties.

27-3004.5. Moving Violations.

27-3004.6. Delinquent Violations.

27-3004.7. Motor Vehicle Towing and Impounding.

27-3005. Appeals, Boards and Committees.

27-3005.3. Appeals.

27-3005.4. Appointment of Boards and Committees.

27-3006. Non-Motorized Vehicles.

Article 20 Equine Sales Facility

27-4000. Definitions.

27-4001. Permits.

27-4002. Facilities.

27-4003. Equine Infectious Anemia Testing.

27-4004. Records.

27-4005. Quarantine.

27-4006. Penalties.

Article 21 Equine Slaughter Only Assembly Point Facility

27-5000. Definitions

27-5001. Permits

27-5002. Testing

27-5003. Records Required

27-5004. Movement of Animals From Facility

27-5005. Bonding

27-5006. Penalties

27-5007. Sign At Entry Point (Required Sign At Entry Gate)

27-5008. Restrictions

27-5009. Identification

27-5010. Suspension of Operation Order

27-5011. Disestablishment

Article 22 Quarantine of Phytophagous Snails

27-5020. Quarantine of Phytophagous Snails.

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