South Carolina Code of Regulations
Chapter 47 Department of Employment and Workforce

Article 1 General Provisions

47-1. Cash Value of Certain Remunerations.

47-2. Authorized Representatives of the Department.

47-3. Definitions.

Article 2 General Regulations

47-4. Employer Legal Entity Classification.

47-5. Delinquent Report.

47-6. Benefit Ratio for Zero Taxable Wages.

47-7. Interest Surcharge.

47-8. Employer-Employee Relationship.

47-11. Displaying of Informational Posters.

47-12. Displaying Coverage Information.

47-13. Furnishing Printed Information to Workers.

47-14. Records.

47-15. Reports and Instructions Relative to Report Form.

47-16. Contributions: Interest.

47-17. Information to be Furnished with Respect to Changes in Ownership, Notification of Acquisitions, and Methods for the Transfer of Experience Rating.

47-18. Workers to Procure Social Security Account Numbers.

47-19. Separation Notices.

47-20. Types of Unemployment.

47-21. Filing Claims for Benefits and Registration for Work.

47-22. Method of Paying Benefits.

47-23. Offers of Work.

47-24. "Week" Defined.

47-25. Wages Payable in Quarter.

47-26. Payment of Benefits to a Deceased Claimant.

47-27. Notice of Benefit Payments.

47-28. Military Service.

47-29. Payment of Benefits to Interstate Claimants and the Combination of Wage Credits.

47-30. Meaning of Terms.

47-31. Public Employment Office.

47-32. Time for Filing of Continued Claims (Non-Job Attached).

47-33. Employer Elections to Cover Multi-state Workers.

47-34. Notice of Benefit Determination and Appeal Rights.

47-35. Benefits Payable Under Title XV of the Social Security Act, as amended.

47-36. Review of Rulings With Respect to the Status, Liability, and Rate of Contributions of an Employer or Employing Unit.

47-39. Joint Account.

47-40. Establishment of Joint Account for Parent Employer and One or More Subsidiary Legal Entities Rendering No Employment.

47-41. Bonding Requirements for Certain Nonprofit Organizations.

47-42. Child Support Intercept of Unemployment Benefits.

47-43. Exclusion of Claims for Extended Benefits in Determining the Rate of Insured Unemployment.

47-44. Limitation on Trade Readjustment Allowances.

47-45. Prohibition Against the Disqualification From Trade Readjustment Allowances When Enrolled for Approved Training.

47-48. Suitable Work Requirements for Extended Benefits.

47-49. Pension Reductions From Unemployment Benefits.

Article 3 Appeals Regulations

47-51. Appeals to Appeal Tribunal.

47-52. Appeals to the Appellate Panel.

47-53. Issuance of Subpoenas.

47-54. Orders for Supplying Information from the Records of the Agency.

47-55. Representation Before Appeal Tribunal and the Appellate Panel.

47-56. Inspection of the Decisions of the Appeal Tribunals and the Appellate Panel.

47-57. Appeal to the Courts.

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