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South Carolina Code of Regulations
Chapter 49 Department Of Labor, Licensing And Regulation-- South Carolina State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors

Article 1 Organization, Administration and Procedure

49-100. Definitions.

49-101. Board Rules of Order/Procedures and Seal of Board.

49-102. Use of Forms/Applications.

49-103. Fees.

49-104. Examinations--General.

49-105. License Expiration, Renewal and Reinstatement--Individuals.

49-106. COA Expiration, Renewal and Reinstatement--Firms.

Article 2 General Provisions

49-200. Professional Engineer Licensure Requirements.

49-201. Professional Land Surveyor Licensure Requirements.

49-202. Classifications and Scopes of Authority: Engineers and Surveyors.

49-203. Licensure by Comity.

49-205. Firm Registration.

49-207. Seals: Individuals and Firms.

Article 3 Rules of Professional Conduct

49-300. Preamble.

49-301. Responsibility to the Public.

49-302. Competency for Assignments.

49-303. Public Statements.

49-304. Conflicts of Interest.

49-305. Solicitation of Work.

49-306. Improper Conduct.

Article 4 Standards of Practice Manual for Surveying in South Carolina

49-400. Purpose.

49-410. Compliance.

49-420. General.

49-430. Nomenclature.

49-440. Classification of Surveys.

49-450. Plats and Platting.

49-460. Survey Types and Requirements.

49-470. Methods of Marking Property Boundaries.

49-480. Land Descriptions.

49-490. Instruments and Apparatus.

Article 6 Continuing Professional Competency

49-600. Purpose.

49-601. Definitions.

49-602. Requirements.

49-603. Units of Credit.

49-604. Determination of Credit.

49-605. Record Keeping.

49-606. Exemptions.

49-607. Reinstatements.

49-609. Dual License Holders.

49-610. Reporting Forms.

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