South Carolina Code of Regulations
Chapter 52 State Ethics Commission

Article 1 Administration

52-100. State Ethics Commission.

Article 2 General

52-201. Purpose and Scope.

52-202. Severability.

52-203. Definitions.

52-204. Official Forms and Documents.

52-205. Date of Filing with the Commission Defined.

52-206. Method of Service.

52-207. Effect of Signature.

52-208. Computation of Time.

52-209. Motions and Other Papers.

52-210. Notice of Representation.

52-211. Subpoenas.

52-212. Amendments to Forms.

Article 3 Advisory Opinions

52-301. Advisory Opinions, Generally.

52-302. Informal Advisory Opinions.

52-303. Formal Advisory Opinions.

Article 4 Lobbyists, Lobbyist's Principals and Rating Entities

52-401. General.

52-402. Lobbyist's and Lobbyist's Principal Registration, Termination, Supplemental Registration, Record Keeping, and Reregistration Requirements.

52-403. Lobbyists and Lobbyist's Principal Reporting Requirements.

52-404. Registration of Rating or Ranking Entities.

52-405. Administrative Enforcement of Registration and Reporting of Lobbyists, Lobbyist's Principals and Rating Entities Activities and Expenditures.

Article 5 Campaign Practices and Reports

52-501. General.

52-502. Responsibility of Persons Accepting Declarations of Candidacy or Petitions for Nomination.

52-503. Committees Receiving or Spending Funds to Influence Elections Must Register.

52-504. Candidate's and Committee's Campaign Reports.

52-505. Committees Registered with the Federal Election Commission.

52-506. Administrative Enforcement of Candidate's and Committee's Registration and Reporting Requirements.

Article 6 Statement of Economic Interests and Contract Disclosure Forms

52-601. General.

52-602. Persons Required to File Statements of Economic Interests and Agencies Required to File Contract Disclosure Forms.

52-603. Confidential Statements of Economic Interests.

52-604. Reporting by Persons Not Required to File a Statement of Economic Interest.

52-605. Approval for Out-of-State Expenses.

52-606. Consultant's Disclosure Forms.

52-607. Candidates and Incumbents Statement's of Economic Interests.

52-608. Administrative Enforcement.

Article 7 Contested Case Procedure

52-701. General.

52-702. Initiating a Complaint.

52-703. Parties to the Proceeding.

52-704. Complaint Procedures.

52-705. Investigation of Complaints.

52-706. Amendment and Withdrawal of Complaint.

52-707. Hearing Notice.

52-708. Request for Remediation.

52-709. Respondent's Answer to Complaint.

52-710. Discovery.

52-711. Admission of Expert's Reports and Other Forms of Written Evidence.

52-712. Presentation of Evidence.

52-713. Conduct of Hearings.

52-714. Burden of Proof.

52-715. Continuance, Postponement and Adjournment.

52-716. Final Disposition and Order.

52-717. Record of Hearing and Transcripts.

52-718. Confidentiality of Proceedings.

Article 8 Appellate Practice

52-801. Filing an Appeal.

52-802. Notice of Appellate Hearing.

52-803. Briefs.

52-804. Oral Argument.

52-805. Composition of the Panel for Full Commission Review.

52-806. Standard of Review.

52-807. Additional Evidence.

Article 9 Blind Trusts

52-901. General.

52-902. Requirements of Trust Instrument.

52-903. Effect.

Article 10 Effective Date

52-1001. Repeal of Existing Regulations and Adoption of Articles 1 through 10, Inclusive.

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