South Carolina Code of Regulations
Chapter 63 Department Of Highways And Public Transportation

Article 1 Secretary of Transportation

63-10. Transportation Project Prioritization.

63-30. Commission Approval of Actions.

63-100. Secretary of Transportation Approval of Actions.

Article 4 Engineering

Subarticle 1 Prequalification of Bidders

63-300. Prequalification of Eligible Contractors.

63-301. Basis for Prequalification.

63-302. Certificate.

63-303. Contents of Sworn Statement.

63-304. Failure to Carry Out Contract as Disqualification.

63-305. Disqualification of Unsatisfactory Contractors.

63-306. Disqualification and Suspension from Participation in Contracts with the South Carolina Department of Transportation.

63-307. Contractor Performance Evaluation.

Subarticle 2 Relocation of Displaced Persons

63-322. Review of Applications for Relocation Assistance Payments Under Chapter 11 of Title 28 of the 1976 Code.

Subarticle 3 Highway Advertising Control Act

63-338. Specific Information Service Signing.

63-341. Preface.

63-342. Definition of Terms.

63-343. General Standards for Outdoor Advertising Signs.

63-344. General Restrictions on Outdoor Advertising Signs Subject to the Act.

63-345. Size Limitations of Outdoor Advertising Signs.

63-346. Spacing Limitations for Outdoor Advertising Signs.

63-347. Lighting of Outdoor Advertising Signs.

63-348. Local Zoning Approval.

63-349. Permits.

63-350. Maintenance Standards for All Signs Controlled by the Act.

63-351. Directional and Other Official Signs.

63-352. On-Premise Signs.

63-353. Design of Outdoor Advertising Signs.

63-354. Off-premise Changeable Message Signs.

63-355. Penalty for Violation.

63-356. Exhibits and Forms.

63-358. Control of Junkyards.

Subarticle 4 Movement of Road Machinery Over Highways

63-361. Routing Permits.

Subarticle 5 Driveways

63-370. Private Driveway Entrances to Highways.

Subarticle 6 Erosion Control

63-380. Standard Plan for Erosion, Sediment and Stormwater Runoff Control.

Subarticle 7 Tandem Trailer Combination and Other Larger Vehicle Access Control Act

63-390. Purpose, Scope and Policy.

63-391. Definitions.

63-392. Selection of the South Carolina Truck Network.

63-393. Publication of Network Routes.

63-394. Route Proposals by Local Authorities.

63-395. Reasonable Access to Qualifying Activities.

63-396. Reasonable Access to Specific Industrial, Commercial, Warehousing Sites.

63-397. Reasonable Access to Points of Loading and Unloading for Certain Vehicles.

Article 8 Disadvantaged Business Enterprises Program

63-700. Purpose and Scope.

63-701. Definitions.

63-702. Eligibility for Participation in State DBE Program or Federal DBE Program.

63-703. Certification Standards.

63-704. Procedures for Certification.

63-705. Ineligibility complaints.

63-706. Procedures for Decertification.

63-707. Guidelines for Selection of Set Aside Projects.

63-708. Waiver of Bonding.

63-709. Advertisement and Notice of Set Aside Projects.

63-710. Requirements for Bidding on Set Aside Projects.

63-711. Bid Evaluation.

63-712. Negotiation of Low Bid.

63-713. Letter to Lending Institutions.

63-714. Technical Assistance to DBEs.

63-715. Continuing Education Requirements.

63-716. Special Provisions Applicable to Non-bonded Projects.

63-717. Claims Procedure on Non-bonded Contracts.

63-718. Reporting Requirements.

Article 9 Bus Shelters

63-800. Purpose.

63-801. Definitions.

63-802. General Standards for Bus Shelters.

63-803. Permits.

63-804. Building Plans General Specifications.

63-805. Additional Bus Shelters.

63-806. Existing Bus Shelters.

63-807. Removal from Permit.

Scenic Byways

63-900. Purpose.

63-901. Definitions.

63-905. Criteria for Scenic Byways.

63-910. Scenic Route Segmentation.

63-915. Application Process.

63-920. Scenic Byway Corridor Management Plan.

63-925. Existing Scenic Highways.

63-930. Removal of "Scenic" Designation.

63-935. Prohibition of Outdoor Advertising.

63-1000. Sign Requirements for Petitions to Close Road.

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