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South Carolina Code of Regulations
Chapter 83 The Medical University Of South Carolina

Article 1 General Motor Vehicle Regulations

83-1. Traffic and Parking Regulations; Introduction.

83-2. Parking Areas.

83-3. Campus Speed Limits.

83-4. Parking Prohibited.

83-5. Vehicle Breakdowns.

83-6. Removing and Impounding Vehicles.

83-7. Parking for Motorcycles and Motor Scooters.

83-8. The Definition and Meaning of "Park.".

83-9. Application of Laws.

83-10. Cross-Walks.

83-11. Parking Garage.

83-12. Parking Meters.

Article 2 Motor Vehicle Registration

83-20. Introduction.

83-21. Who Must Register.

83-22. Registration Fees.

83-23. Requirements.

83-24. New Decals or Keys.

83-25. Car Pools.

83-26. Service Vehicles.

83-27. Reserved Parking.

Article 3 Violations, Penalties and Bonds

83-30. Introduction.

83-31. Schedule of Penalties.

83-32. Schedule of Bonds.

83-33. Defrauding Parking Meters.

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