South Carolina General Assembly
122nd Session, 2017-2018
Journal of the Senate

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Friday February 3, 2017
(Local Session)

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The Senate assembled at 11:00 A.M., the hour to which it stood adjourned, and was called to order by the ACTING PRESIDENT, Senator SHEALY.


The following co-sponsors were added to the respective Bills:
S. 217 (Word version)     Sen. Timmons
S. 342 (Word version)     Sen. Goldfinch


The following remarks by Lieutenant Governor Bryant were ordered printed in the Journal of January 25, 2017:

Remarks by Lieutenant Governor Bryant

Mr. PRESIDENT, members of the Senate, Mr. Chief Justice, family, friends and guests, it's an honor to stand in front of you today and begin a journey from proudly serving the people of Anderson County to proudly serving all of the citizens of South Carolina. The coming task is humbling. Congratulations to Ambassador Haley and Governor McMaster.

Mr. PRESIDENT there are some special people here today. My parents, Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Bryant, my in-laws, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Barinowski, my son Tyler and his charming wife Hannah, my son Ethan, and my lovely wife of over 27 years, Ann -- could you and other friends of ours please stand? Mr. PRESIDENT and members of the Senate please welcome these special guests.

I am honored to assume this new role within the South Carolina Senate. I have served in this Body for over 12 years, and have gained a greater respect for the freedom of speech and the right for free elections. Coming to Columbia in 2005 as a skeptical outsider, my actions still embody my principles from the campaign in 2004. However, without a doubt, I am a better person because of many experiences.

Many people have asked us how we got into politics. Many Christians would make the scriptural argument that politics is worldly and we should not be involved. You can also make the scriptural argument that we are to be salt in this world in whatever capacity we are led. Ann and I had always been fascinated with politics. We struggled, though, with seemingly different Christian principles of involvement in worldly affairs versus being salt to the world. We prayed over our dilemma, and on the day of the Anderson County Republican Party's Convention in 1997, a friend walked up to the counter in the drug store and said he would make a nomination for chairman that night if I'd be willing to serve. We took that as an answer to our prayer, a dry fleece if you will. That night we had a new chairman of the local party.

Several weeks ago, this same friend came in and asked if we'd considered Lt. Governor. Before that there was no interest. But after seeking advice from family, friends, supporters, and prayer, the interest grew. We've spoken to many of you and other Lt. Governors. Do you remember how Lieutenant Governor McConnell would say, "The Senator to my left, Senator from Anderson, for what purpose do you rise?" He answered my call with, "My phone's on my left ear because I know where this is coming from."

It's been an honor to serve you as Chairman of the General Committee and Mrs. Parker and Mrs. McNicholl have made strong contributions to this Body. I'd also like to personally thank the Clerk, Mr. Gossett & Moffitt and associates, Mr. Shealy, Mrs. Catalanotto of Senate Finance, Mrs. Widener of the Labor, Commerce and Industry Committee and all the dedicated staff of the South Carolina Senate.

My transition is not far, just a few steps up, but I would appreciate the chance to say a few words to those who will be former colleagues, but hopefully never former friends.

I'd like to begin with our new members: Senator CLIMER, Senator TALLEY, Senator SENN, Senator TIMMONS, Senator McLEOD, Senator GOLDFINCH, Senator FANNING and Senator RICE -- we've had only a few weeks to work together, but it's been impressive. Always remember that you represent over 100,000 citizens in your district, not anyone in this Chamber, the House Chamber, or the lobby. As Jesus Christ said, "Just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve." We are here to serve the people we represent. The one thing that needs to be said is always keep in your mind that you are a South Carolina Senator, and that means two things. It means first that you, as a single member, have the ability to impact not only your district but also our State as a whole. That's different from our friends across the hall, and it is an awesome responsibility. It also means that you are equal to every other member here. You may select your committees, you may demand full consideration of any piece of legislation, and you may have your voice heard without fear of retribution. Those rights for you as new members will be guarded as fiercely as for the most senior member in this Body.

Senator GAMBRELL, you've been a great friend and a great chairman of our delegation. I always will enjoy memory of when the PRESIDENT asked for the Senator from Anderson and you asked, "Are they looking for Kevin?" For a short time, the Anderson County Senate Delegation will only have you, and you will serve our great county well.

Senator M.B. MATTHEWS, I will never forget our pleasant conversation in your office on your first day, and I look forward to many more.

Senator SABB, thank you for helping us get "Hyco's Law" out of the Senate. You helped me do something very meaningful for Anderson County and all of our law enforcement, and I remain grateful.

Senator KIMPSON, we'll never forget the time we were at a dinner with Ann. She told me to get whatever cologne you were wearing. This just shows the fiscal conservatism I share with Senator KIMPSON. That stuff's expensive but it lasts forever and I still get compliments.

Senator YOUNG, thank you for all of your work on DSS, "not leaving a stone unturned." The agency has seen many reforms without legislation, just because of your determination.

Senator TURNER, thanks again for getting our daughter and me tickets to see "Beauty and the Beast" at the Peace Center. Our little girl is almost 22 and you helped us make a lifetime memory.

Senator SHEALY, Madam Chair of the Seersucker Caucus, I hope I can still be a member even though the suit will be covered in purple. I also am proud to leave the General Committee in such great hands.

Senator McELVEEN, you drove all the way to Anderson to attend a DSS subcommittee in Powdersville. I appreciated the gesture, and it exemplifies what service in this Body is all about.

Senator JOHNSON, you've been a great Chairman of the "Kevin Caucus." Can I still be a member?

Senator HEMBREE, your help over a weekend with a constituent with a legal issue was as much a service to me as the constituent. It always will be remembered.

Senator CORBIN, to the members of the General Assembly, there's plenty of room in the "We bought Tom Lunch Club."

Senator BENNETT, your help, especially to me, on the Joint Pension Reform Committee is more valuable than you might know. You are making a difference on the biggest issue we face.

Senator ALLEN, my service with you was highlighted when you told the cosmetologists in one of our hearings, "I went from an afro to a nofro." I'm still laughing.

Senator GREGORY, enjoyed sharing offices together. You're like E.F. Hutton, when Senator GREGORY talks, people listen. I know that you will set most of the precedents when demanding to know the meaning of dilatory.

Senator SCOTT, thank you for your willingness to talk things out, put disagreements behind us, and work together. You helped me make the Department of Employment Workforce reform one of my proudest achievements.

Senator NICHOLSON, thank you for your service on the Joint Pension review committee. Your perspective has helped me see the very real effects of this issue.

Senator MARTIN, here's how we came up with "Senator Slope." You were chairing a committee considering the effects of Medicaid expansion. Like all engineers, you gave us a visual graph of those effects. Medicaid spending is escalating like this. If the program is expanded, spending will be like this. Thanks for your special friendship and reminding us to honor the statutes.

Senator DAVIS, as much as we appreciate the Supreme Court clarifying the Constitution, I'm disappointed we couldn't witness you arguing before the Court. What's better? Seeing Senator DAVIS defend the Constitution before the Supreme Court or filibustering a tax hike? I suspect we'll find out -- and soon.

Senator MASSEY, congratulations on a great job at Majority Leader. Let me know when we need to knock on doors in the "Valley." Folks from around Aiken like to tell it like it is. We never have to guess what your thoughts are.

Senator CAMPBELL, congratulations on your Chairmanship of the Ethics Committee. As another engineer, we know you'll be thorough.

Senator WILLIAMS, we were elected together along with the Senator Lourie and Senator CAMPSEN. Senator, now it's just you two. Don't take that as an omen.

Senator CAMPSEN, the Senate can look forward to the Chairman of Fish, Game and Forestry giving detailed explanations to the Senator from Spartanburg. We can be confident we'll get more education on the Constitution, James Madison, and the Federalist papers. This education will never be ruled "dilatory."

Senator SHEHEEN, thank you for your commitment to restructuring our antiquated form of government. I'll ask you later how that compares to restructuring our state pension plan.

Senator CROMER, you are now the only druggist in the Senate. It'll be up to you to explain the differences between pseudoephedrine and sildenafil.

Senator MALLOY, continue to be a force to be reckoned with. We always will agree that "the truth is better than harmony." Thanks again for coming to Anderson for our town hall meeting on racial reconciliation.

Senator VERDIN, thank you for your friendship, preaching at our church, coming to Anderson for a Skin's hotdog and for convincing the Senator from Berkeley that I should be able to join your lunch club on the first day.

Senator GROOMS, I look forward to the next time you bring a phone book to the podium. The definition of dilatory remains a work in progress.

Senator HUTTO, you made my debut on national TV a real pleasure. I look forward to the day of our own show on Fox News.

Senator ALEXANDER, I appreciate your confidence in me as a Labor, Commerce and Industry sub chair. I also appreciate your friendship and guidance during the horrible events in Townville. You truly were, and are, a Senator for all of South Carolina.

Senator RANKIN, we worked together getting you going on your iPhone and iPad skills. I always will be available for advisory opinions on that subject.

Senator JACKSON, Is there any time, any way, any reason, or any day that you'd fathom voting for a tax increase? That day may never come, but you'll be the first to know, if it does.

Senator REESE, stories from Marcell Ledbetter will never be out of order. And thanks for the Krispy Kreme store down the street from our drug store. We can see the "Hot Now" sign through the window.

Senator J. MATTHEWS, thank you for your help with exceptional needs scholarships, we wrote that amendment on the fly and children of South Carolina have greatly benefited.

Senator COURSON, you've got one less member attempting to get your parking spot, and thanks again for fast tracking the Bill to forgive the days missed at Townville Elementary. You made a very difficult moment much easier for many, many people.

Senator PEELER, after telling you, "My Daddy says 40 hours a week is part time," you said your Daddy told you in Gaffanese, "If you work 12 hours in a day, you've only worked ½ a day." I hope that both of us have lived up to that standard.

Senator LEATHERMAN, after asking Senator LEATHERMAN a personal favor -- there was a long pause -- and his reply was, "Senator Kevin, as much as you get under my skin, I'd be glad to help you." I often believed that I might have worn out that generosity, but I always received fair treatment from "The Chairman." I hope to display that same treatment for all.

Senator SETZLER, Mr. "Floor Leader," thank you for your help in reaching certain goals in amendments even though you could not vote for them. Your leadership in this Body is more valuable than you know.

I want to thank a couple of people no longer serving with us who made tremendous impressions on me -- for the better. Senator Joel Lourie, the "bestest leftist friend forever," I'll always be your right wing brother from another mother. Senator Greg Ryberg, helped me grow as a Senator, and provided an example of leadership that I hope I have followed well. Senator Lee Bright, we'll always appreciate you picking a fight for liberty, usually on a daily basis. To the members of the Senate, why did y'all always come to me like you thought I could talk him off the ledge?

It is now appropriate to say another word about a group of members who, to no benefit of their own, afforded me the opportunity to speak on behalf of my constituents at a moment when I found myself on the other side of the majority opinion.

Senator ALLEN, Senator Bright, Senator DAVIS, Senator HUTTO, Senator MALLOY, Senator MARTIN, Senator J. MATTHEWS, Senator Pinckney, Senator RANKIN, Senator SCOTT, Senator SHEHEEN, Senator VERDIN and Senator WILLIAMS, you all fought for the right to be heard on behalf of the folks in Anderson County. Your support of a member who wanted to speak for his constituents was humbling, thank you, again.

Hopefully, these remarks have not been dilatory, but I wanted to speak to each of you, because each of you have impacted my time here, and all in ways that have benefited my service. We can look forward to continuing our relationships, and it is with great humility that I leave this Body and take on a new role. You can always call upon our new office when we can be of assistance.

We cannot conclude without speaking of our former colleague and friend, Senator Clementa Pinckney. Many of you know that he once recorded his voice as our Lord for an Easter program at our church. From the Gospel of Matthew, "And the angel answered and said unto the women, Fear not ye: for I know that ye seek Jesus, which was crucified. He is not here: for he is risen, as he said." Senator Pinckney is not here. He is with our Savior and he is still is in our hearts.

I want to thank the people of Anderson County for the opportunity to serve you for 12 years in the South Carolina Senate. It's been an honor to promote your liberty and protect your wallet. I want to thank South Carolina for the opportunity to serve you as the next Lt. Governor. Again, you will get the same commitment -- promoting your liberty and protecting your wallet.

Thank you all, and may God continue to bless this Senate. May God continue to bless the great State of South Carolina. Thank you, Mr. PRESIDENT.


On motion of Senators SETZLER and SHEALY, with unanimous consent, the Senate stood adjourned out of respect to the memory of Ms. Genie M. Duncan of West Columbia, S.C. Genie graduated from Marion High School and Columbia College. She was passionate about her family, faith, politics and USC sports. Genie was a loving mother and devoted grandmother who will be dearly missed.


At 11:04 A.M., on motion of Senator SCOTT, the Senate adjourned to meet next Tuesday, February 7, 2017, at 2:00 P.M.

* * *

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