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Session 121 (2015-2016)
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Vote# Bill# Summary/Motion Date/Time Candidate Yeas Nays N/V Exc.
Pres. Abstain Total Result
[H]-83 ATTENDANCE02/25/2015 10:32 am990101400123Quorum
[H]-82S 0342(Annual Enterprise Risk report)
Passage of Bill
02/24/2015 12:59 pm910221000123Passed
[H]-81H 3264(Special license plates)
Passage of Bill
02/24/2015 12:54 pm891231000123Passed
[H]-80H 3646(Soil-based on-site disposal systems)
Passage of Bill
02/24/2015 12:53 pm960171000123Passed
[H]-79H 3575(Solid waste policy and management)
Passage of Bill
02/24/2015 12:45 pm940191000123Passed
[H]-78 ATTENDANCE02/24/2015 12:24 pm960171000123Quorum
[H]-77H 3186(Ethics and government accountability)
Passage of Bill
02/19/2015 11:57 am11006700123Passed
[H]-76H 3186(Ethics and government accountability)
Table   Amendment number 3
02/19/2015 11:56 am169010700123Failed
[H]-75H 3044(Statutory school term)
Passage of Bill
02/19/2015 11:53 am96615600123Passed
[H]-74H 3044(Statutory school term)
Table Amendment No. 3
02/19/2015 11:50 am65475600123Passed
[H]-73H 3265(Comprehensive health education programs)
Passage of Bill
02/19/2015 11:50 am107010600123Passed
[H]-72H 3432(Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and Memorial Day)
Passage of Bill
02/19/2015 11:49 am732915600123Passed
[H]-71H 3037(In-state tuition rates)
Passage of Bill
02/19/2015 10:49 am95022600123Passed
[H]-70S 0008(Constitutional Officers of S.C.)
Passage of Bill
02/19/2015 10:34 am100017600123Passed
[H]-69 ATTENDANCE02/19/2015 10:29 am102015600123Quorum
[H]-68H 3213(Auto accidents)
Passage of Bill
02/18/2015 11:55 am102015600123Passed
[H]-67H 3191(Create the Office of Freedom Act Review)
Passage of Bill
02/18/2015 11:44 am901611600123Passed
[H]-66 ATTENDANCE02/18/2015 10:27 am98020500123Quorum
[H]-65H 3192(Notice of meetings for public bodies)
Passage of Bill
02/17/2015 03:27 pm10906800123Passed
[H]-64S 0225(State Health Plan)
Passage of Joint Resolution
02/17/2015 03:00 pm100015800123Passed
[H]-63 ATTENDANCE02/17/2015 02:47 pm10708800123Quorum
[H]-62H 3189(Filing of expenditures and reports for non-committees)
Passage of Bill
02/12/2015 11:47 am956121000123Passed
[H]-61H 3189(Filing of expenditures and reports for non-committees)
Table Amendment No. 2  Amendment number 2
02/12/2015 11:32 am793131000123Failed
[H]-60H 3114(S.C. Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act)
Passage of Bill
02/12/2015 11:00 am7122201000123Passed
[H]-59 ATTENDANCE02/12/2015 10:23 am95021700123Quorum
[H]-58H 3006(Regulations)
Passage of Bill
02/11/2015 01:55 pm802611600123Passed
[H]-57H 3006(Regulations)
Table   Amendment number 3
02/11/2015 01:53 pm723510600123Passed
[H]-56H 3114(S.C. Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act)
Passage of Bill
02/11/2015 01:27 pm802710600123Passed
[H]-55H 3114(S.C. Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act)
Table   Amendment number 1
02/11/2015 11:57 am72388500123Passed
[H]-54H 3202(Whistleblower and Public Employee Protection Act)
Table Motion to Reconsider
02/11/2015 11:46 am623917500123Passed
[H]-53H 3519(Raffles)
Passage of Bill
02/11/2015 11:37 am108010500123Passed
[H]-52H 3247(Expungement of Criminal Offenses Study Committee)
Passage of Joint Resolution
02/11/2015 11:31 am75367500123Passed
[H]-51H 3125(Human trafficking)
Passage of Bill
02/11/2015 11:28 am11404500123Passed
[H]-50H 3168(S.C. Emergency Management Law Enforcement Act)
Passage of Bill
02/11/2015 11:24 am11107500123Passed
[H]-49H 3195(Acts prohibited of lobbyist principals)
Passage of Bill
02/11/2015 11:18 am11107500123Passed
[H]-48 ATTENDANCE02/11/2015 10:23 am106012500123Quorum
[H]-47H 3202(Whistleblower and Public Employee Protection Act)
Passage of Bill
02/10/2015 01:01 pm98020500123Passed
[H]-46H 3194(Campaign contribution records)
Passage of Bill
02/10/2015 12:55 pm107110500123Passed
[H]-45H 3199(Campaign debt)
Passage of Bill
02/10/2015 12:40 pm10909500123Passed
[H]-44H 3179(S.C. Board of Accountancy)
Passage of Bill
02/10/2015 12:37 pm102016500123Passed
[H]-43 ATTENDANCE02/10/2015 12:21 pm105013500123Quorum
[H]-42H 3145(Civil Liability)
Passage of Bill
02/05/2015 10:45 am107015100123Passed
[H]-41 ATTENDANCE02/05/2015 10:21 am102020100123Quorum
[H]-35 table motion to reject the Judicial slate of Candidates02/04/2015 12:41 pm70483200123Passed
[J]-1S 0012(Election of Judges)
Election to Circuit Court, At-Large, Seat 9
02/04/2015 12:05 pmJerome P. Askins III80089000169Not Elected
Tanya A. Gee83086000169Elected
[H]-32H 3323(SC Noxious Weed Act)
Passage of Bill
02/04/2015 11:36 am111011100123Passed
[J]-6S 0012(Election of Judges)
Election to Aministrative Law Court Seat 3
02/04/2015 11:17 amCarolyn C. Matthews500111080169Not Elected
Harold W. Funderburk, Jr.87074080169Elected
[H]-31S 0364(SC Read to Succeed Act)
Passage of Joint Resolution
02/04/2015 11:13 am11309100123Passed
[H]-30H 3266(Trespasser Responsibility Act)
Passage of Bill
02/04/2015 11:03 am106610100123Passed
[H]-29H 3352(Jasper County Board of Education)
Passage of Bill
02/04/2015 10:48 am65057100123Passed
[H]-28H 3303(Jasper County Board of Education)
Passage of Bill
02/04/2015 10:45 am59063100123Passed
[H]-27 ATTENDANCE02/04/2015 10:26 am101021100123Quorum
[J]-4S 0012(Election of Judges)
Election to College of Charleston
02/04/2015 09:45 amGary W. Thomas10168000169Not Elected
Randolph R. Lowell150019000169Elected
[J]-3S 0012(Election of Judges)
Election to Coastal Carolina University
02/04/2015 09:44 amAlan Connie78091000169Not Elected
Carl H. Schwarzkopf00169000169Not Elected
Delan Stevens79090000169Elected
[H]-26H 3118(Department of Natural Resources)
Passage of Bill
02/03/2015 01:36 pm11119200123Passed
[H]-25H 3118(Department of Natural Resources)
Table   Amendment number 2
02/03/2015 01:24 pm951511200123Passed
[H]-24H 3035(Take Palmetto Pride Where You Live Act)
Passage of Bill
02/03/2015 01:07 pm11803200123Passed
[H]-23H 3200(Higher education institutions)
Passage of Bill
02/03/2015 12:51 pm11209200123Passed
[H]-22H 3197(Campaign contribution report)
Passage of Bill
02/03/2015 12:47 pm110011200123Passed
[H]-21H 3193(Campaign Contributions)
Passage of Bill
02/03/2015 12:42 pm109012200123Passed
[H]-20 ATTENDANCE02/03/2015 12:20 pm111010200123Quorum
[H]-19H 3184(Ethics Reform Act)
Passage of Bill
01/29/2015 10:48 am102113700123Passed
[H]-18 ATTENDANCE01/29/2015 10:24 am99017700123Quorum
[H]-17H 3184(Ethics Reform Act)
Passage of Bill
01/28/2015 03:32 pm10907700123Passed
[H]-16 ATTENDANCE01/28/2015 02:20 pm105011700123Quorum
[H]-15H 3188(Campaign contributions)
Passage of Bill
01/27/2015 01:19 pm11513400123Passed
[H]-14H 3187(Campaign practices)
Passage of Bill
01/27/2015 12:46 pm108111300123Passed
[H]-13 ATTENDANCE01/27/2015 12:17 pm109011300123Quorum
[H]-12 ATTENDANCE01/22/2015 10:24 am98019600123Quorum
[H]-11H 3345(SC Code of Laws Volumes 13 and 15)
Passage of Bill
01/21/2015 02:51 pm104014500123Passed
[H]-10 ATTENDANCE01/21/2015 02:19 pm102016500123Quorum
[H]-9 ATTENDANCE01/20/2015 12:18 pm11107500123Quorum
[H]-7 Attendance Vote01/14/2015 11:37 am11008500123Quorum
[H]-6 Quorum Call01/13/2015 04:40 pm11506200123Quorum
[H]-5 ATTENDANCE12/03/2014 10:19 am11508100124Quorum
[H]-4H 3001(Rules of the House of Representatives)
Table the motion to divide the question
12/02/2014 04:04 pm11913100124Passed
[H]-3 ATTENDANCE12/02/2014 02:53 pm12103000124Quorum

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