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Session 121 (2015-2016)
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Vote# Bill# Summary/Motion Date/Time Yeas Nays N/V Exc.
Pres. Abstain Total Result
[H]-15H 3188(Campaign contributions)
Passage of Bill
01/27/2015 01:19 pm11513400123Passed
[H]-14H 3187(Campaign practices)
Passage of Bill
01/27/2015 12:46 pm108111300123Passed
[H]-13 ATTENDANCE01/27/2015 12:17 pm109011300123Quorum
[H]-12 ATTENDANCE01/22/2015 10:24 am98019600123Quorum
[H]-11H 3345(SC Code of Laws Volumes 13 and 15)
Passage of Bill
01/21/2015 02:51 pm104014500123Passed
[H]-10 ATTENDANCE01/21/2015 02:19 pm102016500123Quorum
[H]-9 ATTENDANCE01/20/2015 12:18 pm11107500123Quorum
[H]-7 Attendance Vote01/14/2015 11:37 am11008500123Quorum
[H]-6 Quorum Call01/13/2015 04:40 pm11506200123Quorum
[H]-5 ATTENDANCE12/03/2014 10:19 am11508100124Quorum
[H]-4H 3001(Rules of the House of Representatives)
Table the motion to divide the question
12/02/2014 04:04 pm11913100124Passed
[H]-3 ATTENDANCE12/02/2014 02:53 pm12103000124Quorum

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