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Session 121 (2015-2016)
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Pres. Abstain Total Result
[S]-203 to adjourn04/23/2015 01:35 pm412210046Passed
[S]-202S 0277(State Telecom Equity in Funding Act)
to set for Adjourned Debate
04/23/2015 01:26 pm931510046Failed
[S]-201S 0673(Hospital Public Service District)
2nd Reading
04/23/2015 01:21 pm410410046Passed
[S]-200S 0586(Fiscal Accountability Authority)
2nd Reading
04/23/2015 01:12 pm410500046Passed
[S]-199S 0667(Boundary clarification between NC and SC)
2nd Reading
04/23/2015 12:52 pm410500046Passed
[S]-198S 0474(Patient's rights)
2nd Reading
04/23/2015 12:50 pm400600046Passed
[S]-197S 0341(Renal medullary carcinoma)
2nd Reading
04/23/2015 12:46 pm400600046Passed
[S]-196S 0176(Cremation)
2nd Reading
04/23/2015 12:31 pm420400046Passed
[S]-195H 3443(Optometrists)
2nd Reading
04/23/2015 12:23 pm410500046Passed
[S]-194S 0512(Wilful damage to a water system)
2nd Reading
04/23/2015 12:06 pm410500046Passed
[S]-193H 3762(Animal traps)
2nd Reading
04/22/2015 01:14 pm370720046Passed
[S]-192H 3668(Deer hunting)
2nd Reading
04/22/2015 01:10 pm362620046Passed
[S]-191H 3393(Migratory hunt and conservation stamp)
2nd Reading
04/22/2015 01:01 pm382420046Passed
[S]-190S 0592(Hunting of feral hogs, coyotes, and armadillos)
2nd Reading
04/22/2015 12:52 pm390520046Passed
[S]-189S 0211(Golf cart paths)
2nd Reading
04/22/2015 12:21 pm400420046Passed
[S]-188S 0276(Residential builders and contractors)
2nd Reading
04/21/2015 01:06 pm390520046Passed
[S]-187H 3663(SCSU Board of Trustees)
2nd Reading
04/16/2015 12:12 pm401230046Passed
[S]-186H 3662(Automatic residential fire sprinklers for homes)
2nd Reading
04/16/2015 12:08 pm370630046Passed
[S]-185S 0500(Uniform Interstate Family Support Act)
2nd Reading
04/16/2015 12:02 pm400330046Passed
[S]-184H 3464(Barbers and barbering)
2nd Reading
04/16/2015 11:58 am400420046Passed
[S]-183S 0441(Guaranteed Asset Protection Act)
2nd Reading
04/16/2015 11:49 am372520046Passed
[S]-182S 0133(Automatic expungement of juvenile records)
2nd Reading
04/15/2015 02:39 pm440200046Passed
[S]-181S 0255(Destruction of booking and arrest records)
2nd Reading
04/15/2015 02:27 pm430300046Passed
[S]-180S 0590(Ignition interlock devices)
3rd Reading
04/14/2015 01:14 pm430200146Passed
[S]-179S 0631(National Guard Student Loan Repayment Program (D. No. 4533))
2nd Reading
04/01/2015 04:06 pm410230046Passed
[S]-178S 0630(National Guard Student Loan Repayment Program (D. No. 4534))
2nd Reading
04/01/2015 04:03 pm410230046Passed
[S]-177H 3877(Snow days)
2nd Reading
04/01/2015 03:51 pm420130046Passed
[S]-176S 0480(Athletic Commission)
2nd Reading
04/01/2015 03:44 pm401230046Passed
[S]-175S 0261(Persons age sixty and over attending classes)
2nd Reading
04/01/2015 03:41 pm401230046Passed
[S]-174S 0389(Business Development Corporations)
2nd Reading
04/01/2015 03:16 pm420130046Passed
[S]-173S 0526(Tax penalties)
Waive Rule 26B
04/01/2015 03:06 pm2219230046Failed
[S]-172S 0170(Sales and use tax)
waive Rule 26B
04/01/2015 03:01 pm2319130046Failed
[S]-171S 0590(Ignition interlock devices)
2nd Reading
04/01/2015 02:56 pm410230046Passed
[S]-170 to adjourn03/31/2015 02:22 pm2319130046Passed
[S]-169S 0183(Human trafficking)
2nd Reading
03/31/2015 01:49 pm420130046Passed
[S]-168S 0526(Tax penalties)
2nd Reading
03/31/2015 01:45 pm410230046Passed
[S]-167S 0427(Job tax credits)
2nd Reading
03/31/2015 01:25 pm410230046Passed
[S]-166S 0320(Comprehensive health education programs)
2nd Reading
03/31/2015 01:18 pm410230046Passed
[S]-165S 0170(Sales and use tax)
2nd Reading
03/31/2015 01:07 pm374230046Passed
[S]-164S 0382(SC State University)
to concur
03/31/2015 12:53 pm380620046Passed
[S]-163S 0196(Human trafficking)
to adopt the conference report
03/31/2015 12:26 pm370720046Passed
[S]-162 Confirmation of S. C. Commission on Higher Education03/26/2015 01:42 pmEvans P. Whittaker410500046Confirmed
[S]-161 Confirmation of S. C. Commission on Higher Education03/26/2015 01:42 pmDr. Louis B. Lynn410500046Confirmed
[S]-160 Confirmation of S. C. Commission on Higher Education03/26/2015 01:41 pmClark B. Parker410500046Confirmed
[S]-159 Confirmation of S. C. Commission on Higher Education03/26/2015 01:40 pmJennifer B. Settlemyer410500046Confirmed
[S]-158 Confirmation of State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners03/26/2015 01:37 pmKatherine Ann George410500046Confirmed
[S]-157 Confirmation of State Board of Financial Institutions03/26/2015 01:35 pmRhonda B. Marcum410500046Confirmed
[S]-156 Confirmation of S.C. Residential Builders Commission03/26/2015 01:34 pmChristy B. Rhyne400500146Confirmed
[S]-155 Confirmation of S.C. Residential Builders Commission03/26/2015 01:33 pmWilliam H. Dill400500146Confirmed
[S]-154 Confirmation of S.C. Residential Builders Commission03/26/2015 01:29 pmMonte A. Lemmon400500146Confirmed
[S]-153 Confirmation of Dept. of Probation, Parole and Pardon Services03/26/2015 01:23 pmJerry B. Adger410500046Confirmed
[S]-152 Confirmation of Juvenile Parole Board03/26/2015 01:14 pmKimberly Frederick350500646Confirmed
[S]-151 to lay on the table the motion to dispense with the balance of the motion period03/26/2015 12:50 pm2024200046Failed
[S]-150S 0523(SC Carolina Collective Road Act)
to set for Special Order
03/26/2015 12:47 pm2322100046Failed
[S]-149 to adjourn03/26/2015 12:28 pm539200046Failed
[S]-148S 0358(Vehicular requirements)
2nd Reading
03/26/2015 12:20 pm400600046Passed
[S]-147H 3035(Take Palmetto Pride Where You Live Act)
2nd Reading
03/26/2015 12:17 pm380800046Passed
[S]-146S 0426(Mental Health Court Program Act)
2nd Reading
03/26/2015 12:07 pm410500046Passed
[S]-145S 0437(James B. Edwards Civics Education Initiative)
2nd Reading
03/26/2015 11:58 am440200046Passed
[S]-144H 3118(Department of Natural Resources)
to adopt the free conference report
03/26/2015 11:45 am431200046Passed
[S]-143 vary order of the day03/25/2015 01:55 pm2121400046Failed
[S]-142H 3345(SC Code of Laws Volumes 13 and 15)
2nd Reading
03/24/2015 01:05 pm380530046Passed
[S]-141S 0460(Tax bills)
2nd Reading
03/24/2015 12:52 pm390430046Passed
[S]-140S 0237(Study Committee on Expungment of Criminal Records)
2nd Reading
03/24/2015 12:40 pm350830046Passed
[S]-138S 0444(Job tax credit)
2nd Reading
03/19/2015 11:26 am325810046Passed
[S]-137H 3323(SC Noxious Weed Act)
2nd Reading
03/18/2015 03:53 pm369100046Passed
[S]-136S 0407(Corporate officers)
2nd Reading
03/18/2015 03:44 pm441100046Passed
[S]-135S 0391(In-state tuition rates for military personnel)
2nd Reading
03/18/2015 03:26 pm440200046Passed
[S]-134S 0357(Immunity from Liability for Providing Free Health Care Services)
2nd Reading
03/18/2015 03:20 pm450100046Passed
[S]-133S 0381(Leave and lump-sum payments)
2nd Reading
03/18/2015 03:01 pm450100046Passed
[S]-132S 0555(Nursing Board fees (D. No. 4510))
2nd Reading
03/17/2015 01:11 pm381700046Passed
[S]-131S 0436(Election of judges)
2nd Reading
03/17/2015 01:04 pm390700046Passed
[S]-130S 0374(Nonjudicial candidates)
2nd Reading
03/17/2015 12:47 pm410500046Passed
[S]-129H 3760(Psychology Board of Examiners fees (D. No. 4515))
2nd Reading
03/12/2015 12:06 pm401410046Passed
[S]-128H 3758(Podiatry Examiners Board fees (D. No. 4513))
2nd Reading
03/12/2015 12:05 pm401410046Passed
[S]-127H 3756(Board of Examiners in Opticianry fees (D. No. 4511))
2nd Reading
03/12/2015 12:05 pm401410046Passed
[S]-126H 3754(Medical Examiners Board fees (D. No. 4509))
2nd Reading
03/12/2015 12:04 pm401410046Passed
[S]-125H 3753(Long Term Health Care Administrators Board Fees (D. No. 4507))
2nd Reading
03/12/2015 12:04 pm401410046Passed
[S]-124H 3752(Dentistry Board fees (D. No. 4502))
2nd Reading
03/12/2015 11:57 am401410046Passed
[S]-123S 0466(Optometrists)
2nd Reading
03/12/2015 11:53 am410320046Passed
[S]-122S 0339(Hope's Law)
2nd Reading
03/12/2015 11:50 am410320046Passed
[S]-121S 0413(Pharmacists)
2nd Reading
03/12/2015 11:46 am420220046Passed
[S]-120S 0361(Automobile insurance)
2nd Reading
03/12/2015 11:40 am430120046Passed
[S]-119S 0168(Mesothelioma Awareness Day)
2nd Reading
03/12/2015 11:35 am420220046Passed
[S]-118S 0167(Hearing aids)
2nd Reading
03/12/2015 11:28 am375220046Passed
[S]-117 Call of the Senate03/12/2015 11:12 am350920046Quorum
[S]-116S 0179(Definition of alcoholic liquors)
2nd Reading
03/11/2015 03:32 pm374230046Passed
[S]-115S 0179(Definition of alcoholic liquors)
to lay on the table  Amendment number 3A
03/11/2015 03:28 pm2516230046Passed
[S]-114S 0196(Human trafficking)
to adopt   Amendment number RFH-1
03/10/2015 01:01 pm420310046Passed
[S]-113S 0463(Department of Natural Resources)
2nd Reading
03/10/2015 12:55 pm421210046Passed
[S]-112S 0454(Hunting and fishing licenses)
2nd Reading
03/10/2015 12:47 pm414010046Passed
[S]-111 Director, Department of Health and Human Services03/05/2015 02:20 pmChristian L. Soura370530146Confirmed
[S]-110 Real Estate Appraisers Board03/05/2015 02:15 pmChristopher E. Barczak360530246Confirmed
[S]-109 Jobs Economic Development Authority03/05/2015 02:13 pmWilliam Peacock380530046Confirmed
[S]-108 Jobs Economic Development Authority03/05/2015 02:12 pmWilliam W. Peacock380530046Confirmed
[S]-107 South Carolina Panel for Dietetics03/05/2015 02:11 pmJudy H. Thomas370530146Confirmed
[S]-106 South Carolina Board of Real Estate Appraisers03/05/2015 02:10 pmRex L. Casterline360530246Confirmed
[S]-105 South Carolina Juvenile Parole Board03/05/2015 02:09 pmCarla J. Smalls380530046Confirmed
[S]-104 South Carolina Foster Care Review Board03/05/2015 02:08 pmMonica G. Hill380530046Confirmed
[S]-103 South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission03/05/2015 02:07 pmMichael R. Campbell2804301146Confirmed
[S]-102 South Carolina State Human Affairs Commission03/05/2015 02:05 pmHarold Jean Brown380530046Confirmed
[S]-101 South Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation03/05/2015 02:03 pmRhonda J. Presha380530046Confirmed
[S]-100 South Carolina Commission of the Blind03/05/2015 02:02 pmMary S. Sonksen380530046Confirmed
[S]-99 Board of Trustees for Veteran’s Trust Fund03/05/2015 02:01 pmJames C. Brown380530046Confirmed
[S]-98 Board of Trustees for Veteran’s Trust Fund03/05/2015 02:00 pmJimmy E. Hawk380530046Confirmed
[S]-97 South Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation03/05/2015 01:58 pmBilly N. Shorter, Jr.380530046Confirmed
[S]-96 Board of Trustees for Veteran’s Trust Fund03/05/2015 01:57 pmJames R. Lorraine380530046Confirmed
[S]-95 Board of Trustees for Veteran’s Trust Fund03/05/2015 01:56 pmChristopher M. Maddox380530046Confirmed
[S]-94 Director, Department of Revenue and Taxation03/05/2015 01:52 pmJames F. Reames III370630046Confirmed
[S]-93 South Carolina Commission on Higher Education03/05/2015 01:51 pmTim M. Hofferth380530046Confirmed
[S]-92 South Carolina Commission on Higher Education03/05/2015 01:50 pmPaul O. Batson III380530046Confirmed
[S]-91 South Carolina Public Charter School District03/05/2015 01:49 pmLabon D. Chappell380530046Confirmed
[S]-90 South Carolina Public Charter School District03/05/2015 01:48 pmLaban D. Chappell380530046Confirmed
[S]-89 South Carolina Commission on Higher Education03/05/2015 01:46 pmAllison Dean Love380530046Confirmed
[S]-88 South Carolina Board of Probation, Parole and Pardon03/05/2015 01:45 pmHenry S. Eldridge350530346Confirmed
[S]-87 South Carolina Board of Probation, Parole and Pardon03/05/2015 01:30 pmThomas F. Hallam350530346Confirmed
[S]-86 South Carolina Board of Probation, Parole and Pardon03/05/2015 01:29 pmClifton D. Baxter350530346Confirmed
[S]-85 Director of Dept. Juvenile Justice03/05/2015 12:44 pmSylvia L. Murray380530046Confirmed
[S]-84 Director, Department of Administration03/05/2015 12:24 pmMarcia S. Adams380530046Confirmed
[S]-83H 3118(Department of Natural Resources)
to concur
03/05/2015 12:09 pm042130046Failed
[S]-82S 0350(SC Community Economic Development Act)
2nd Reading
03/05/2015 12:01 pm373420046Passed
[S]-81S 0475(South Carolina State University)
2nd Reading
03/04/2015 05:47 pm411040046Passed
[S]-80S 0475(South Carolina State University)
to lay on the table  Amendment number 9
03/04/2015 05:35 pm411040046Passed
[S]-79S 0475(South Carolina State University)
to lay on the table  Amendment number 7
03/04/2015 05:21 pm329140046Passed
[S]-78S 0475(South Carolina State University)
to lay on the table  Amendment number 6
03/04/2015 05:15 pm3012040046Passed
[S]-77S 0475(South Carolina State University)
to lay on the table  Amendment number 3
03/04/2015 05:08 pm366040046Passed
[S]-76S 0475(South Carolina State University)
to lay on the table  Amendment number 2
03/04/2015 05:02 pm2715040046Passed
[S]-75S 0475(South Carolina State University)
to lay on the table  Amendment number P1
03/04/2015 03:35 pm339040046Passed
[S]-74S 0375(Local government)
2nd Reading
03/04/2015 02:36 pm410140046Passed
[S]-73S 0304(Contracts to buy power)
2nd Reading
03/04/2015 02:33 pm400240046Passed
[S]-72S 0193(Commercial Driver's license)
2nd Reading
03/04/2015 02:28 pm400240046Passed
[S]-71H 3519(Raffles)
2nd Reading
03/03/2015 12:52 pm390520046Passed
[S]-70S 0398(Magistrates eligibility examination)
2nd Reading
03/03/2015 12:48 pm390520046Passed
[S]-69S 0379(County tax officials)
2nd Reading
03/03/2015 12:33 pm391510046Passed
[S]-68S 0373(SC Retirement System )
2nd Reading
03/03/2015 12:28 pm381610046Passed
[S]-67S 0003(Criminal Domestic Violence Offenses and Penalties)
2nd Reading
02/25/2015 03:54 pm383140046Passed
[S]-66S 0003(Criminal Domestic Violence Offenses and Penalties)
to adopt   Amendment number 14
02/25/2015 03:51 pm2220040046Passed
[S]-65S 0003(Criminal Domestic Violence Offenses and Penalties)
to lay on the table  Amendment number 14
02/25/2015 03:27 pm1922230046Failed
[S]-64S 0008(Constitutional Officers of S.C.)
to concur
02/25/2015 11:08 am410500046Passed
[S]-63S 0003(Criminal Domestic Violence Offenses and Penalties)
to lay on the table  Amendment number 12
02/24/2015 01:56 pm385210046Passed
[S]-62S 0003(Criminal Domestic Violence Offenses and Penalties)
to adopt   Amendment number 4B
02/24/2015 12:49 pm390520046Passed
[S]-61 to adjourn02/19/2015 12:43 pm1825120046Failed
[S]-60 dispense with the balance of the motion period02/19/2015 12:25 pm3113020046Passed
[S]-59S 0411(Italian American Heritage Month)
2nd Reading
02/19/2015 12:19 pm410410046Passed
[S]-58S 0397(State Income Tax Laws and Internal Revenue Code)
2nd Reading
02/19/2015 12:03 pm421210046Passed
[S]-57S 0160(Funeral directors)
2nd Reading
02/19/2015 12:00 pm410410046Passed
[S]-56S 0179(Definition of alcoholic liquors)
to lay on the table  Amendment number 1
02/19/2015 11:42 am2320210046Passed
[S]-55H 3118(Department of Natural Resources)
2nd Reading
02/19/2015 11:12 am431110046Passed
[S]-54S 0003(Criminal Domestic Violence Offenses and Penalties)
to lay on the table  Amendment number 1
02/18/2015 04:31 pm355420046Passed
[S]-53S 0351(Voter registration)
to lay on the table
02/18/2015 02:52 pm338230046Passed
[S]-52S 0301(SC Board of Accountancy)
2nd Reading
02/18/2015 02:28 pm410230046Passed
[S]-51 Confirmation of State Commission for Minority Affairs02/12/2015 01:10 pmKaren W. McGill390520046Confirmed
[S]-50 Confirmation of State Commission for Minority Affairs02/12/2015 01:09 pmWilliam B. James, Jr.390520046Confirmed
[S]-49 Confirmation of Board of Juvenile Parole02/12/2015 01:08 pmLesa T. Chandler390520046Confirmed
[S]-48 Confirmation of Board of Juvenile Parole02/12/2015 01:07 pmOscar L. Douglas390520046Confirmed
[S]-47 Confirmation of State Ethics Commission02/12/2015 01:06 pmThomas M. Galardi390520046Confirmed
[S]-46 Confirmation of South Carolina Foster Care Review Board02/12/2015 01:03 pmDaniel R. Bracken, Jr.390520046Confirmed
[S]-45 Confirmation of South Carolina Foster Care Review Board02/12/2015 01:02 pmAndrea D. McCoy390520046Confirmed
[S]-44 Confirmation of South Carolina Jobs Economic Development Authority02/12/2015 12:58 pmWilliam R. Drake390520046Confirmed
[S]-43 Confirmation of South Carolina Panel for Dietetics02/12/2015 12:57 pmRebecca G. Wrenn390520046Confirmed
[S]-42 Confirmation of State Board of Social Work02/12/2015 12:56 pmCatherine M. Buchanan390520046Confirmed
[S]-41 Confirmation of State Athletic Commission02/12/2015 12:55 pmDerek A. Shoemake390520046Confirmed
[S]-40 Confirmation of Board of Financial Institutions Cooperative Credit Union Seat02/12/2015 12:54 pmHansel B. Hart390520046Confirmed
[S]-39 Confirmation of Board of Financial Institutions Consumer Seat02/12/2015 12:51 pmWalter D. Pennington390520046Confirmed
[S]-38 Confirmation of Department of Social Services02/12/2015 12:47 pmVirginia S. Alford350520446Confirmed
[S]-37 Confirmation of SC Labor, License and Regulation02/12/2015 12:42 pmRichele Taylor2703201446Confirmed
[S]-36S 0382(SC State University)
2nd Reading
02/12/2015 12:06 pm400420046Passed
[S]-35S 0078(Forfeited Lands Emergency Development Act)
2nd Reading
02/12/2015 11:58 am391420046Passed
[S]-34S 0001(2015 Ethics Reform Act)
2nd Reading
02/11/2015 07:34 pm1924120046Failed
[S]-33S 0001(2015 Ethics Reform Act)
to lay on the table  Amendment number P26
02/11/2015 07:26 pm3310120046Passed
[S]-32S 0001(2015 Ethics Reform Act)
to adopt   Amendment number P18A
02/11/2015 07:07 pm2716120046Passed
[S]-31S 0001(2015 Ethics Reform Act)
to adopt   Amendment number P20
02/11/2015 06:11 pm1627120046Failed
[S]-30S 0001(2015 Ethics Reform Act)
to lay on the table  Amendment number P17
02/11/2015 06:02 pm1825300046Failed
[S]-29S 0001(2015 Ethics Reform Act)
to lay on the table  Amendment number P16
02/11/2015 05:20 pm2519200046Passed
[S]-28S 0001(2015 Ethics Reform Act)
to adopt   Amendment number P10
02/11/2015 04:34 pm2520100046Passed
[S]-27S 0001(2015 Ethics Reform Act)
to lay on the table  Amendment number P10
02/11/2015 02:33 pm2025100046Failed
[S]-26S 0021(Driver's License)
2nd Reading
02/11/2015 02:14 pm400600046Passed
[S]-25S 0376(Aeronautics)
2nd Reading
02/10/2015 11:49 am3301110146Passed
[S]-24S 0136(Dentists and oral surgeons)
2nd Reading
02/05/2015 12:34 pm420130046Passed
[S]-23S 0010(Freedom of Information Act)
3rd Reading
02/05/2015 11:16 am420130046Passed
[S]-22 to adjourn02/04/2015 05:19 pm2513530046Passed
[S]-21S 0010(Freedom of Information Act)
2nd Reading
02/04/2015 03:37 pm430210046Passed
[S]-20S 0196(Human trafficking)
2nd Reading
02/04/2015 03:34 pm440110046Passed
[S]-19 Confirmation of John de la Howe School Board of Trustee02/04/2015 03:24 pmMelissa Tilden420310046Confirmed
[J]-1S 0012(Election of Judges)
Election to Circuit Court, At-Large, Seat 9
02/04/2015 12:05 pmJerome P. Askins III80089000169Not Elected
Tanya A. Gee83086000169Elected
[J]-6S 0012(Election of Judges)
Election to Aministrative Law Court Seat 3
02/04/2015 11:17 amCarolyn C. Matthews500111080169Not Elected
Harold W. Funderburk, Jr.87074080169Elected
[J]-4S 0012(Election of Judges)
Election to College of Charleston
02/04/2015 09:45 amGary W. Thomas10168000169Not Elected
Randolph R. Lowell150019000169Elected
[J]-3S 0012(Election of Judges)
Election to Coastal Carolina University
02/04/2015 09:44 amAlan Connie78091000169Not Elected
Carl H. Schwarzkopf00169000169Not Elected
Delan Stevens79090000169Elected
[S]-16 to adjourn02/03/2015 02:01 pm2214640046Passed
[S]-15S 0342(Annual Enterprise Risk report)
2nd Reading
02/03/2015 01:21 pm400420046Passed
[S]-14S 0350(SC Community Economic Development Act)
to lay on the table motion to carry over Bill
02/03/2015 12:48 pm375220046Passed
[S]-13S 0001(2015 Ethics Reform Act)
to adopt   Amendment number P1B
01/29/2015 11:55 am340840046Passed
[S]-12S 0177(Procedure for certification of domestic and foreign records)
2nd Reading
01/29/2015 11:33 am3401020046Passed
[S]-11S 0011(Notice of meetings for public bodies)
2nd Reading
01/29/2015 11:13 am3201400046Passed
[S]-10S 0364(SC Read to Succeed Act)
2nd Reading
01/28/2015 03:42 pm381700046Passed
[S]-9S 0295(Requirement of payment)
2nd Reading
01/28/2015 03:37 pm390700046Passed
[S]-8S 0225(State Health Plan)
2nd Reading
01/28/2015 03:33 pm380700146Passed
[S]-7S 0154(Interscholastic activities)
2nd Reading
01/28/2015 03:28 pm390700046Passed
[S]-6S 0153(Disabled veteran tax exemption)
2nd Reading
01/28/2015 03:22 pm400600046Passed
[S]-5S 0035(Amendment to the S.C. Constitution)
2nd Reading
01/28/2015 03:18 pm410500046Passed
[S]-2S 0009(Lotteries)
2nd Reading
01/15/2015 12:07 pm380260046Passed
[S]-1S 0008(Constitutional Officers of S.C.)
2nd Reading
01/15/2015 11:56 am380260046Passed

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