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  • Read a brochure about the Committee
  • Legislative Oversight Committee 121st General Assembly Transparency Report to Citizens
  • Watch a video about the oversight process for the 121st General Assembly


  • All Agency Information

  • The Excel spreadsheets below include information from all agencies on the seven-year study cycle in a single document to aid in comparing this information across agencies. Each tab in an Excel Spreadsheet includes the information for a different fiscal year. You can view the information, or download and sort the information as desired.

    Agency Strategic Planning Chart
    Missions and Visions (Excel Spreadsheet)
    Goals (Excel Spreadsheet)
    Products, Services, and Customer Segments (Excel Spreadsheet)
    Partners (Excel Spreadsheet)
    Required Reports (Excel Spreadsheet)
    List of Agencies that have Restructuring Recommendations

  • Agencies on Seven-Year Study Cycle

  • Click on an agency's name below to obtain additional information about oversight of the agency. The agencies with asterisks are currently under study. Once a full committee study is issued, it is noted in parenthesis after the agency. As soon as possible after the study is issued, the format of the page also changes. The new format includes all information collected during the study, including video archives of all meetings with the agency, copies of other reviews and audits, etc., in drop down menus. The agency is asked to provide updates to this information each year in an effort to keep the information current for the General Assembly and public.

    Accident Fund, State
    Adjutant General *
    Administrative Law Court
    Aeronautics Commission, S.C.
    Agriculture, Department of *
    Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Services, Department of
    Archives and History, Department of (Full Committee Study issued August 2017)
    Arts Commission, S.C.
    Attorney General, Office of the
    Blind, Commission for the (Full Committee Study issued October 2016)
    Commerce, Department of
    Comptroller General's Office (Full Committee Study issued December 2015)
    Conservation Bank, S.C.
    Consumer Affairs, Department of
    Corrections, Department of
    Deaf and the Blind, School for the (Full Committee Study issued October 2016)
    Disabilities and Special Needs, Department of *
    ETV Commission
    Education, Department of
    Election Commission, State *
    Employment and Workforce, Department of
    Ethics Commission, State
    Financial Institutions, Board of
    First Steps to School Readiness, S.C. (Full Committee Study issued May 2016)
    Forestry Commission
    Health and Environmental Control, Department of (DHEC) *
    Health and Human Services, Department of (DHHS)
    Higher Education Tuition Grants Commission
    Higher Education, Commission on
    Housing Finance and Development Authority, S.C. State (SC Housing)
    Human Affairs Commission, S.C. *
    Indigent Defense, Commission on
    Insurance, Department of
    Jobs-Economic Development Authority, S.C.
    John de la Howe School *
    Juvenile Justice, Department of (DJJ) (Full Committee Study issued April 2017)
    Labor Licensing and Regulation, Department of (LLR)
    Law Enforcement Division, State (SLED)
    Law Enforcement Training Council and Criminal Justice Academy *
    Library, State
    Lt. Governor's Office on Aging
    Mental Health, Department of (DMH)
    Minority Affairs, Commission for *
    Motor Vehicles, Department of (DMV)
    State Museum
    Natural Resources, Department of (DNR) *
    Parks Recreation and Tourism, Department of
    Patients Compensation Fund, S.C.
    Patriots Point Development Authority *
    Probation, Parole and Pardon, Department of
    Prosecution Coordination, Commission on
    Public Safety, Department of (DPS) *
    Retirement System Investment Commission *(Study is on hold)
    Revenue, Department of (DOR)
    Rural Infrastructure Authority
    Sea Grant Consortium, S.C.
    Secretary of State, Office of the
    Social Services, Department of (DSS) (Full Committee Study issued April 2016)
    Technical and Comprehensive Education, State Board for
    Transportation Infrastructure Bank, S.C. (Full Committee Study issued April 2017)
    Transportation, Department of (DOT) (Full Committee Study issued June 2016)
    Treasurer, S.C. Office of the (Full Committee Study issued August 2017)
    Vocational Rehabilitation Department, S.C.
    Wil Lou Gray Opportunity School
    Workers' Compensation Commission, S.C.

  • Fall 2015 - Feedback from Agencies about the Legislative Oversight Process
  • Summer 2016 - Feedback from Agencies about the Legislative Oversight Process
  • Fall 2016 - Feedback from Agencies about the Legislative Oversight Process

  • Information from the Office of the Inspector General

  • Other Studies
  • State agencies' relationship with, funding of, and other activities relating to Planned Parenthood facilities and other abortion providers in South Carolina. (Full Committee Study issued April 2016)


  • Committee Vision: For South Carolina agencies to become, and continuously remain, the most effective state agencies in the country through processes which eliminate waste and efficiently deploy resources thereby creating greater confidence in state government.
  • Committee Mission: Determine if agency laws and programs are being implemented and carried out in accordance with the intent of the General Assembly and whether they should be continued, curtailed or eliminated. Inform the public about state agencies.

  • Rules
  • Standard Practices
  • Subcommittees - 2016
  • Subcommittees - 2017
  • Meeting Minutes and Handouts
  • 2015 - 2017 Summary - House Legislative Oversight Committee


  • Statutes Relating to Legislative Oversight: S.C. Code of Laws Section 2-2-5 et seq.

  • Act No. 121 of 2014

  • Summaries of Act No. 121 of 2014 from the Legislative Update, published by the Office of Research for the House of Representatives:

    October 6, 2014 Major Issues: Legislative Overview
    October 6, 2014 Major Issues: State Government Restructuring


    S.C. Code of Laws Section 2-2-30(C)(1) provides that a proposed seven-year review schedule must be published in the House Journal on the first day of session each year

  • Tuesday, January 13, 2015, House Journal
  • Tuesday, January 12, 2016, House Journal
  • Tuesday, January 10, 2017, House Journal

  • Legislative Services Agency
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