Senate Amendment History Quick Guide

Quick Guide

Beginning in Session 119 (2011-2012) Amendments considered by the Senate will be archived and made available from the following locations:

Overview and Details

The amendments considered by the Senate are printed in the official Senate Journal.  Additionally, amendments being addressed by the Senate as the Current Amendment have been accessible on the legislative website.

The Current Amendment considered by the Senate will continue to be a feature on the site.

The Amendment History feature offers a comprehensive, sortable list of all amendments considered by the Senate.

How To Access Senate Amendment History

Legislation Page
  • Access the Legislation link on the left vertical menu bar.
  • On the Legislation page, on the right side bulleted items below the Amendments Considered By The Senate heading, click the Senate Amendment History link.
  • Amendment history results will return a list of all amendments considered by the Senate for the current Session.
    • The results may be sorted by the column headings, Date/Time, Bill#, and Amendment#.
    • Click the column heading of your interest to sort the data in ascending or descending order.

Questions or Assistance Regarding the Senate Amendment History Features

On behalf of the South Carolina General Assembly, the Legislative Services Agency (LSA) maintains the legislative website and can assist with accessing Senate Amendment History via the features described above.

For assistance, please send us a message or contact us at (803)212-4420.

Legislative Services Agency
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