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Rules of the Senate

Senate Rules Adopted December 12, 2012 - (PDF format) (Acrobat Reader required)

Updated 12/21/2012

RULE 1 - Time of Daily Meeting
RULE 2 - Quorum; Quorum Call of the Senate
RULE 3 - Attendance, Duties and Obligations of Senators
RULE 4 - Majority and Minority Party: Seating
RULE 5 - Journal of the Senate
RULE 6 - Which Senator Entitled to Floor
RULE 7A - Question of Order; Appeal from President's Decision
RULE 7B - Introduction of Visitors and Guests
RULE 7C - Decorum in the Senate
RULE 8 - May Speak Twice in One Debate
RULE 9 - Endorsement of Papers
RULE 10 - Committee Reports, How Made
RULE 11 - Writing and Withdrawal of Motions
RULE 12 - Motion to Reconsider
RULE 13 - Points of Personal Privilege and Expressions of Personal Interest
RULE 14 - Privileged Motions
RULE 15 - Fixing a Time Certain to Vote
RULE 16 - Vote by Ayes and Noes; Senators Present Must Vote - revised by the adoption of S.9 on January 18, 2011
RULE 17 - President to Vote When There is a Tie
RULE 18 - A Question May Be Divided
RULE 19A - Standing Committees of the Senate
RULE 19B - Committee Composition
RULE 19C - Special Committees
RULE 19D - Committee Selections
RULE 19E - Chairmen of the Standing Committees
RULE 19F - Operations and Management Committee
RULE 19G - Committees of Conference and Free Conference
RULE 19H - Committee Meetings
RULE 20 - Priority of Business not Debatable
RULE 21 - Bills May Be Recommitted
RULE 22 - All Bills Referred to Committees, and to Provide for Recalling Bills From Committees
RULE 23 - Printing
RULE 24A - Clauses in Bill Must Be Germane
RULE 24B - Vote Requirement for General Permanent Laws Included in Reports of Conference Committees on Appropriation Bills
RULE 25 - Bill by Committee
RULE 26A - Second and Third Reading of Bills, Recommittal and Amendments on Third Reading
RULE 26B - Amendments on Third Reading
RULE 26C - Amendments on Third Reading Debatable
RULE 26D - Motion to Commit Always in Order
RULE 26E - Fiscal Estimate Required Prior to Second Reading
RULE 27 - Presentation of Papers
RULE 28 - Message to the House
RULE 29 - The Clerk Charged with Printing
RULE 30 - All Papers to Be Delivered to Clerk at Close of Session
RULE 31 - Executive Sessions
RULE 32A - Order of Business
RULE 32B - Contested Calendar
RULE 32C - Bills and Resolutions Returned from the House of Representatives
RULE 32D - Reports of Committees of Conference and Free Conference
RULE 33 - Motion Period and Special Orders
RULE 34 - Calendar of Continued Bills
RULE 35 - Admission to the Floor of Senate, Granting the Privilege of the Floor - revised by the adoption of S.162 on January 19, 2011
RULE 36 - Places Assigned to Reporters
RULE 37 - Bills Shall Receive Three Readings--Resolutions and Committee Reports to Lie on Table One Day; First and Third Readings by Title
RULE 38 - Precedence of Motion to Refer
RULE 39 - Printed Bills to Be on Desk One Day Before Second Reading
RULE 40 - Title to Bills to Amend or Repeal Acts
RULE 41 - Broadcasts by Television and Radio
RULE 42 - Jefferson's Manual to Govern Other Cases
RULE 43 - Suspending and Amending Rules
RULE 44 - Ethics Committee- revised by the adoption of S.326 on January 20, 2011
RULE 44.1 - Ethics Committee Procedures
RULE 44.2 - Rules Governing Actions Taken Against a Member
RULE 45 - Selection of Senate Members for Committee to Consider Qualifications of Candidates for Offices Filled by Election by the General Assembly
RULE 46 - Recorded Floor Proceedings
RULE 47 - Final Date House Legislation May Be Considered
RULE 48 - Invitations
RULE 49 - Condemnatory Resolution
RULE 50 - Vote Requirements
RULE 51 - Local Matters
RULE 52 - Personal Attacks on Senators not Permitted; Executive Session
RULE 53 - Seventy-Two Hour Budget Review -- added by the adoption of S.327 on January 19, 2011
RULE 54 - Prohibition on Noncandidate Committees -- added by the adoption of S.630 on June 1, 2011

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