South Carolina Legislature

Rule 10.

Committee Reports, How Made

      Reports must be separately made on each Bill or Resolution and shall be signed by the Chairman or such Senator as the Chairman may designate. Bills and Resolutions receiving a majority favorable report from a Standing Committee shall be placed on the Consent Calendar or the Statewide Uncontested Calendar, as appropriate, for consideration the next legislative day.

      No Bill or Joint Resolution may be polled out of a Standing Committee until all of the committee members present are notified and polled and a majority of the entire membership of the committee votes in favor of polling the legislation out. The poll results must be certified by the Committee Chairman who must certify that each member of the committee was notified and given an opportunity to vote and a written copy of the results must be given to the Clerk to be published in the Journal.

      Notwithstanding the provisions of Rule 33 and unless otherwise ordered by the Senate, when the annual General Appropriation Bill or any reapportionment bill or any Resolution affecting the sine die adjournment date is received by the Senate to be placed on the calendar, it shall be placed in a position under the masthead of the calendar as the first order of business to be taken up each day immediately following the conclusion of the call of the Uncontested Local Calendar.

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