South Carolina Legislature

Rule 16.

Vote by Ayes and Noes
Senators Present Must Vote

      Except as otherwise provided, the decision of the Senate on any question other than unanimous consent shall be taken by all members voting "viva voce" or electronically when a roll call is required, if an electronic voting system is available. Votes on the following matters shall be taken by roll call and the names of the Senators voting shall be recorded in the Journal:

      (1) Second reading of Joint Resolutions proposing amendments to the South Carolina Constitution and third reading of such Joint Resolutions that are substantively amended on third reading;

      (2) The question on any act returned from the Governor with his or her objections;

      (3) Second reading of Bills and Resolutions having the force and effect of law and third reading of such Bills and Resolutions that are substantively amended on third reading, however items on the Consent Calendar, for which no request to be moved to the Statewide Second Reading Calendar having been received nor amendments placed on the desk, shall be read individually and a single roll call vote shall be applied to each;

      (4) Adoption of reports of conference committees and free conference committees and the granting of free conference powers;

      (5) The question on concurrence or the adoption of a substantive amendment proposed to Bills or Resolutions returned from the House of Representatives; and

      (6) Any vote on the main question of an amendment for which there is a request for a roll call by three (3) Senators and the vote on any other motion for which there is a request for a roll call by five (5) Senators.

      Prior to third reading of the annual general appropriations bill, each section of Part IA with the corresponding provisos must be considered individually and receive a roll call vote.

      Upon a call of the Senate and unless a division is ordered, the Senators present shall vote alphabetically, unless voting electronically when a roll call is required and every Senator present must give his or her vote as aye, no, or abstain unless excused by the Senate. No Senator who is absent when the vote is taken and the result announced by the President shall be allowed to vote without leave of the Senate. A Senator who is absent from a vote may not be recorded as voting on that matter.

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