South Carolina Legislature

Rule 6.

Which Senator Entitled to Floor


      When a Senator desires to speak, he or she shall rise from his or her seat and address the President, and may not proceed until he or she is recognized. When two or more Senators rise from their seats to speak at the same time, the Senator who first addresses the President as determined by the President shall have the floor and the President shall so announce it.


      When a Senator raises a question of order, as provided for in Rule 7, the President shall stop all other debate and allow the Senator raising the question to explain the point of order subject only to a superior question of order.


      Every Senator, when speaking, shall address the President, standing in his or her place and when finished shall take his or her seat. Senators, when addressing the Senate, may stand at their desk or may go to the podium in the center aisle.

      Except as otherwise provided in the Rules of the Senate, no Senator may interrupt the Senator who has been granted the floor without his or her consent. To obtain consent, he or she shall first address the President. If a member wishes to present a question to the Senator who has been granted the floor, he or she shall address the President and gain recognition. Once recognized, the member shall ask the President, "Does the Senator yield for a question?" The President shall inquire of the member granted the floor "Does the Senator yield?" If the Senator who holds the floor agrees to yield, the President shall so instruct the Senator who wishes to present the question.

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