South Carolina Legislature

Rule 7.

Question of Order
Appeal from President's Decision

      If a Senator in speaking, or otherwise, violates the Rules of the Senate, the presiding officer shall, or any member may, by raising a point of order, call him to order; and when a member is called to order by the President or under a point of order, he or she shall sit down and may not proceed without leave of the Senate, unless the President takes the point of order under advisement. The President may call for the Sense of the Senate on any question of order. Every question of order must be decided by the President, without debate, and Senators shall have the right to appeal the decisions of the President to the full Senate. When the decision of the President is appealed, the President Pro Tempore or his or her designee shall preside and the President shall retire from the chamber during the pendency of the appeal and the Senate's debate and action on the motion to appeal. The question before the Senate shall be "Shall the ruling of the President be overridden?" and after not more than thirty (30) minutes, fifteen (15) minutes for and fifteen (15) minutes against, of debate it shall be decided by a majority vote of the membership.

Introduction of Visitors and Guests

      When a member wishes to introduce a visitor, guest or family member, he or she shall first gain recognition from the President and shall limit his or her introduction and associated remarks to not more than two minutes.

      If a visitor or guest in the Chamber or in the gallery engages in a demonstration of approval or disapproval or creates a disturbance which affects the decorum of the Senate, the Clerk and Sergeant-at-Arms shall take those measures necessary to enforce order.

Decorum in the Senate

      The presiding officer shall maintain proper decorum in the Senate at all times. Members of the Senate are prohibited from eliciting responses of any kind from visitors in the Senate gallery.

      The use of cellular phones is prohibited in the Senate Chamber. Other silent electronic devices may be used only in a manner as not to be disruptive to the Senate. This rule shall be enforced in a manner prescribed by the Operations and Management Committee.

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