South Carolina Legislature

Rule 9.

Endorsement of Papers

      No Senator shall present any Bill, amendment or other paper, without having first affixed his or her name to such Bill, amendment or other paper. A member who is granted leave to place material on the desks of other members, and who is not the author of or who has not signed the material, shall affix his or her name to a copy of the material and forward that copy to the Clerk prior to distribution of the material. No notice shall be required of a member of his or her intention to introduce a Bill or Resolution. Any member may introduce Bills or Resolutions which shall be received by the Senate staff whether or not the Senate is in session. A member may co-sponsor any Bill or Resolution with the permission of the primary sponsor. After introduction, a member may, with permission of the primary sponsor, co-sponsor any Bill or Resolution that is in the possession of the Senate by notifying the Clerk. Bills and Resolutions so received shall be periodically referred by the President of the Senate to the appropriate committee or committees which may then consider them at such times as the committee meets. Any matter acted upon favorably by any committee may be reported out by the committee when the Senate reconvenes and need not thereafter be sent to any committee but shall then be ready, upon compliance with other Rules of the Senate, for second reading consideration.

      The Clerk of the Senate shall establish procedures to notify the Senate membership on a monthly basis of Bills and Resolutions introduced during periods when the Journal is not printed.

      All Bills received prior to the first day of the convening or reconvening of the General Assembly shall receive first reading on the first day of the session.

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